Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Overheard Stuff

While sitting at a table and helping 2 five year olds with a project, this is what was said........

Him: Oh, God! (after dropping his glue bottle)

Her: You can't say God.....he'll get mad. Right, Mrs. Hackney?

Me: Well, I don't know if He gets mad, but I think He might be disappointed.

Him: Okay. I won't say God. 'Cause God made Santa Claus.

Me: He did?

Him: Yeah, He made everything. And He's the one that tells Santa what to bring.

Do not think that God isn't discussed in public schools.

And more overheard stuff.....

Boy 1: Hey, don't copy my writing!

Boy 2: But it's better than mine.

True dat.


  1. It's true that kids say the darnedest things! My pre-schooler says some interesting things about God (she goes to a Lutheran school, so is fluent in God "stuff"- her perception of Him, anyway! :) Of course, I can't THINK of one right now, but her comments never cease to make me laugh!

  2. Yeah! Thanks for the kids conversations! So cute.

  3. Maybe you could teach them an idium that Stacy taught me while we were in Richmond and is going to be my new "thing". It's, "I swear to Buddha.". Love it and don't feel guilty using it. I thought y'all talked about God all the time in school over there anyway...guess I was right...