Saturday, February 20, 2010


The names in the following post have been changed to protect the innocent. Not that any of them are innocent....

All voices spoken below were at an increased volume.

Less than one hour after all 3 birds flew back into the nest.....

Father to middle child: Where do you want to go eat tonight for your birthday?

Middle child: Sushi!

Father: Okay.

Oldest child: No! I get anxiety attacks when I go to a sushi place.

Middle child retreats upstairs to her room. (stomp, stomp, stomp ....slam)

Oldest child to Father: Sorry but I can't do sushi.

Mother to oldest child: But it's her birthday....she gets to pick. What if it were your birthday?

Oldest child: I'll talk to her.

Mother to Father: (silence but looking at each other thinking cuss words)


Oldest child: I talked to her (middle child) and she understands we can't do sushi.


Father to Mother: Middle child wants to go to P.F. Chang's now.


Middle child: Daddy says we have to go to P.F. Chang's.

Mother: We don't HAVE to go there....

Middle child: No, I want to...I've never been there.

Mother thinking to herself: (cuss words)