Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Was On Fire....

We went to P.F. Chang's on Saturday evening to celebrate Cameron's upcoming 22nd birthday. She is the wide-eyed chick on the right. She was trying to look goofy ......again. This is what she does to family poses. This is who she is. We are a one family traveling circus. And she is a very important member of that circus.

Please take note of my favorite shirt. I paid way more than I should have for this linen top in a beautiful charcoal gray.....but I love it. It's comfortable and cute and I wear it a lot. This information will be important later. So keep in mind, that this is my favorite shirt. And I paid a lot of money for it.

Baby Will loves spending quality time with his you can tell.

Again.....quality time. He is so into our dinner conversation....he is typing what we say. Right?

The birthday girl was preparing to blow out her candle and we all screamed for her to wait so we could get out the cameras. And then I made her wait some more so I could head to the other end of the table to get a better picture of her.

The candle was getting pretty low by the time we were ready for her to blow it out. She kept
saying, "I'm going to burn up!"

And I remember thinking I am getting really hot. Like an intense feeling of heat in my body....

And then the heat gets more intense..........and I look down.............and my very favorite shirt.......that I paid a lot ON FIRE!

Real flames! I have been leaning over the candle on the table. Really.

I fan it out and look around to see if any of the other customers have witnessed this circus act.

I keep repeating to my family, "Did you see that? I was ON FIRE?"

As I head back to my seat, I see the couple beside us laughing at me.

I ask, "Did you see that?"

They say, "Yes."

I ask, "When were you going to tell me?"

They laugh.

Not really funny.

My family's reaction? "Pew wee.....I can smell it!" "Oooo, I like the way it smells!"

Not..."Are you okay?"

The source of the fire.

So I can honestly say, "I was on fire Saturday night."


  1. Looks like a future embroidery project!!!! sorry......

  2. You must have been hot under the collar!

  3. Miss Julia. That is terrible and hilarious all at the same time. And I promise I would tell you if you caught fire in my presence.

  4. That top picture is PROOF that me and jordan do NOT have the same nose. I win. Again.

    And thanks for the entertainment at dinner..the "shirt on fire" trick was a do you come up with this stuff? I couldnt stop laughing all night..

  5. What a great story, even tho I am sad your favorite shirt, that you paid way to much money for, is ruined. So good to have your funny, upbeat blogs again. I'm telling you, I could hang out with you everyday, and I know that you would keep me laughing. Ahhh, it doesn't get much better than that!
    Linda cccccccccc

  6. OMG You crack me up! I needed this laugh SO MUCH! I'm sorry it was at the expence of your favorite shirt though. Hey my 17 year old (awesome cook of a daughter) thinks your son is cute. Maybe we could really be sorta related ;). Check out her blog at
    Just kidding but seriously check out her blog. She hopes to be a chef! I hope to back blogging soon.

  7. Okay, you AGAIN made my beverage come out my nose!!! I am so sad about your blouse. Tell me that you did something creative to be able to continue to wear it. Those table neighbors are not a good model of how nice Texans are; they must have been visiting from Maryland. At least put it on Funniest Home Videos or tell me I'm on fire. I guess if they'da said that to you, you would have turned and slapped your butt and said, "Damn right!", so you wouldn't have gotten it anyway. Love wesdale's comments!!!!! Smokin' baby!

  8. P.S. Your hair looks GREAT!!!!