Tuesday, March 2, 2010

He Who Sucks Up All The Paper....

Kindergarteners are working on all things Texas....making flags, Alamos, cowboys, etc. While in a class this afternoon, one boy couldn't find the Texas flag he had made with torn red, white and blue tissue paper. After writing about the flag, he was supposed to glue the flag above the written paper today.

We searched and searched. I knew he had made the flag because....I had made it. By that, I mean I sat with him for more than 20 minutes the other day and coaxed him one torn piece of paper at a time. To say he has the attention span of a gnat would be fair.

But today he was near tears and I'm trying my best to help him find it.

At the point of giving up on looking for the flag:

Me: Oh, well......I can't imagine where it could be. I guess it's just gone.

Him: Maybe the Vacuum Man took it.

Me: The Vacuum Man?

Him: Yeah, maybe he sucked it up when he sucked up all the paper.

And that's as good as guess as any.

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  1. have you seen the Halloween episode of the office, where thye stand around pondering where the cobweb decorations went that they had hung the day before? (next scene, the "vacuum man" cleaning the cobwebby office...)