Thursday, July 10, 2008

Car rides......

For 20 years or more, I drove a mini-van or suburban.....a road hog. But last year, I downsized to a much smaller suv because 99% of the time, it was just me in the car. The only time we really needed the hugeness of the suburban was long road trips or moving kids in and out of college dorms or apartments. And really, for the amount of money we were spending, we could just rent a u-haul or suburban for those few days a year. So I would like to think I did a little part in helping the environment by trading it all in for a much smaller car....a road pig, if you will.

I have not missed that suburban one bit. Well, maybe one bit. Like this past weekend when we all 5 got into a very average sized car to go out to eat. Oh, my, when did the children get so large? Are those adult bodies on my children? And loud! It's not that they cry and whine so much like toddlers....but their voiceboxes are just turned up to the highest volume. And their mouths are so close in vicinity to our ears. Like their lips are on our earlobes.

And the thing is......when they get loud and crazy....I get loud and crazy. Crank up the radio, let's bust a move. Everybody GET DOWN!! boom, boom boom boom......

But "Daddy", "Old Man", "Mr. I Was Never Young", "Mr. I Do Not Allow Myself To Have Fun, No Matter What"always gets so mad at us! He is trying to drive and concentrate and he wants us to settle down.

And I am thinking, this is a memory.....right now! Don't you get it? It's the car rides. The ability to trap all family members in a metal and glass container going 45 - 65 miles an hour and noone can leave the room. You can act crazy or mean, if that's your pleasure.......and know that when you get to your destination, you can return to your public self and your secret is safe with the car.

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