Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We went to McKinney this weekend to visit my cousin Barbara and her family. Barbara is a cousin on my father's side....a Langley. Our fathers were brothers and both boys had all girls. The oldest brother, Ernest, had 4 daughters...Suzanne, Barbara, Camille and Carolyn. My father, Bill, had 3 daughters, Lisa, Catha and me. And as fate would have it, my father's two sisters had all boys. So being the youngest child born to the youngest Langley boy....the family name of Langley stopped. But, boy, oh, boy.....did the Langley genes ever get passed down to the girls.

Barbara and I didn't really grow up together, as there is an 11 year age difference...but we reconnected in 2003 when our youngest male cousin, Paul, was ill and eventually passed away from pancreatic cancer. I spent alot of time in Dallas taking care of Paul in his last weeks. I said it before and I will say it again....Barbara and Jim were the only rays of sunshine in those dark days. I would spend some time with them and regain the strength to care for Paul. And when God closed that door.....he opened another. I now cherish a new found relationship with the Langley girl cousins. Okay....now back to the reason for the FFF...Forced Family Fun. (as quoted from a napkin...but believe me this was anything but forced)

The gathering was a celebration in honor of Barbara's husband Jim Dorff. Jim is the kind, sweet husband of my cousin Barbara. He is the father of John and Michael Dorff. He's a brother, a brother-in-law, a son-in-law, an uncle, a friend to many and I claim his as a cousin. And now he is a Bishop...as of 10:16 p.m. Friday evening. Well done, United Methodist Church! You could not have elected a better representative.

Michael Dorff, Bishop Jim Dorff, Barbara Langley Dorff and John Dorff

The Bishop had been at the South Central Jurisdiction Conference of the United Methodist Church all week and the late nights, the excitement and anxiety of the election, the Consecration Service that morning and the house full of friends and relatives wore him out! He went to bed before the party was over.....but not before a little toasting could be done.

The celebrating continued on Sunday with food, a little more food and a whole lot of food. It was a very relaxing day sitting around eating and talking and eating some more. Did I mention that we ate?

Kim Pierce (Barbara's maternal cousin) frying up some okra and green tomatoes.

One of Barbara's cousins on her mother's side has a son whose friend is a photographer...so we had professional photographs taken. She even gave us some lessons on how to stand and tilt our heads so we looked good.......Paris Hilton good. Well...I don't know that Paris Hilton looks good, but she certainly knows how to pose. And that is what we were taught. Here we are trying to stand still, turn to the side, shift our weight to our back leg, lift our shoulders, then roll them back, tilt our head to the side, smile and look at the camera. Whew! I don't think I need to say this....but this is not the professional picture.

Catha Langley Ivy, Julia Langley Hackney, Carolyn Langley Darden, Suzanne Langley Wall, Barbara Langley Dorff and Camille Langley Sproule

Congratulations once again, Bishop Jim Dorff. I pray for you to have continued good health and the strength and compassion you will need to lead in your new position. May you hear God's divine plan for you and the churches in your care. And may all your goals be met. There are some very lucky Methodists churches out there to have been selected to be in your leadership.

And a few more very unprofessional photos taken.... of some very important people. I take pictures like I do everything else....very quick and without much forethought. And it doesn't help that my camera has a little delay action(apparently it has more forethought than I do). So I would focus on someone when they were facing me but by the time the camera clicked they had already left the room. Click on any photo to enlarge....maybe you'll catch a glimpse of yourself leaving the room.

"Do NOT interrupt me....RUDE." Bon Qui Qui

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  1. That is sooo exciting! We do have a lot in common. I am on the SPR Committee at my church and my sr. pastor is going to be a DS to replace the DS that just made Bishop - from Bryan/College Station. Don't want to put names here. Small world!