Thursday, May 1, 2008


I hosted my book club group a couple of weeks ago and this is the quote I put on my chalkboard door. I know the first time I read The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, I was the cabin, by the banks of the river and certainly crossing the prairie in that covered wagon. That was the first time I fell in love with books. I joined my book club about 7 years ago. I love getting to talk about a book with others....and then having all of the tangent conversations that follow.

In our book club, the host chooses 3 books that are of interest to her and then we vote on which one we will pick and read before we meet again in 6 weeks. I chose Oprah's latest selection, The New Earth/Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle as one of my selections. I had read an excerpt in Oprah's magazine and it struck me as interesting. It is a self-help book and that's not something we have ever chosen in our club before. Two of the women voted against the doesn't like Oprah and the other said she didn't need any help (heehee) but the others voted for it because it looked the "thinnest" and we are heading into a busy month of May.

Whoa......I know if my fellow book clubbies are reading it right now they are realizing how deceiving thin can be. It is the thickest/densest thin book I have ever tried to read. I am skipping around the chapters some to see if any of it grabs me and I have found some interesting passages. But I have to admit, it is not a little light bedtime reading. I have to read every paragraph about 3 times to comprehend it. The book is about separating the voices in your head (ego) from your spiritual self. Staying in the moment/in the now.....and enjoying the moment you are in. Our body doesn't have a soul, rather our soul has a body. The voices that constantly race through your head (I'm fat, I'm tired, ....your past, your worries) are stealing the present moment from you....and you can't get this moment back. Of course, it goes way deeper than this...but this is what I am getting from it so far. I look forward to the next book club to see if anyone else got something from this book....and if the 2 that didn't vote for it ended up reading it.

On a much shallower note, I am posting a picture of my backyard at its peak...because when the heat gets here to stay, this will all be wilted.

And a message from Maggie to Jordan and Cameron....I miss you. Send pictures so I can sniff them.


  1. i miss that backyard... and that dog. when i'm around here, she can be pretty annoying... but then you put a picture like that up and i just want to squeeze her. she's always been very photogenic. thanks for making me smile, maggie. :)

  2. Stephanie/DoojiesMay 7, 2008 at 10:25 PM

    Your yard is so beautiful. And just wait, Missy Jordon 'til you've been gone from home 30 years-go as often as you can and don't take a thing for granted. Your parents could sell everything, pull up stakes, and move to California any day to run a B & B and leave your whole childhood behind for you to not get to see but once every 15 years. Oh my, where did that come from? I'm sure that would NEVER happen to you!

    OMG, I can't believe you picked that book. You know I do whatever Oprah tells me to do and I got it. I was so glad to hear that you had to read each paragraph 3 did I-at least (reminded me of studying in college...stay alert!). And I'm so glad you are giving a synopsis so I don't have to read any further. She already taught us to live in the moment when she accepted her honorary doctorate. And she's hyped this thing like I'm gonna be living under a rock if I don't read it. If there's more that I need to know please tell me 'cause I don't want to have to read it and I'd so much rather start The Pillars of the Earth which she also said to read but I've heard is good. And who exactly is this woman who doesn't like Oprah? Be sure and always wear a cross when you're with her. I've never heard such a thing, that's just wrong. She needs help too. I love your heehee, so you.