Sunday, May 25, 2008

My conversation with Will

(As Will is walking through the entryway towards the kitchen....I am in the den)

Me..."Will, come sit with me and talk for a minute."

(He comes in and sits down.)


Me..."Do you have any plans for the summer?"


Me..."What are they?"

Him..."They're personal."

Me..."Really? Well, tell me about them."

Him..."I don't really like talking to you."


(Kick up my volume a notch or two.)

Me..."Well, I'm your mom... so I will tell you that you aren't going to sleep all summer. And Daddy wants you to get a job. And if you don't get a job you are going to be working for us."


Me..."Do you hear me?"


Me..."Well, what are your plans?"


And you don't even want to know the rest. But it's official. He's a full-fledged teenager. And I am old and was NEVER young.


  1. Well, I'll be waiting to hear the rest of that story! KAT

  2. haha that is so humorous to me. i remember feeling like i was way too old and mature at that age... now i look back and realize how young and stupid i was. oh, wilber.

  3. That's why God makes them so cute and lovable when they are babies, so we can survive the teenage years. Debbie

  4. you need to write a post about yesterday... it's classic.. well, typical for our family.