Saturday, April 19, 2008

Things broken this past week...

First thing....Will's brakes on his car have been squeaking. Chuck took it in to the car repair shop and came out $800.00 later. Brakes and many other minor (yet costly) things are now fixed.

Second thing....I bit into some chewing gum on Monday afternoon and out came a filling. I have been a professional gum chewer for most of my life and although I have dreams of my teeth crumbling and coming out in gum, it has never actually happened to me until this week. The dentist began the process of crowning my tooth...the closest to being "crowned" that I will ever get. I get the permanent crown in May, and the dentist is probably getting a new pool with my payment.

Third thing....The huge Crepe Myrtle tree in our back yard was beginning to lift up some of the boards on our deck. So on this most beautiful day, Chuck and I were working in the backyard and decided to cut and lift up some of the boards to allow the roots of the tree some freedom. Well, he cut the boards but when prying them with a crowbar (an old and rusty crowbar), it slipped and came down on his index finger and mashed it against the deck/boards. Think slamming your finger in a car door...only his was slammed between a board and the crowbar. OuCh!!! We attempted to "doctor" it....but when the blood cleared and I saw the rather meaty looking injury, we headed to the ER. He got 5 stitches and x-rays showed a fracture in the bone. He's all bandaged up and ready to heal. Thank goodness it wasn't his thumb or he would be having Blackberry withdrawals by now.


  1. Are you sure that's the story? I heard he was wagging that finger at you to get in the kitchen and you hit it with a frying pan. Tomatoe, tomato. So glad it was the next one over, or not. Still with the pouty face, he's a very nice looking man especially in an Aggie t-shirt. Sorry about the boo boo, hope it feels better right away.