Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shopping, Movies and Fire

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

After getting Blake, Cameron and Will to the airport and seeing Taylor and Faith off in the car, we were down to 6....Chip and Debbie, Chuck and I, Jordan and Chris. From 12 to 6...things got a lot quieter.

Some of us went to the outlet malls, some went to the movies and then we all met back up and headed out for dinner in Santa Rosa Beach in the early evening at a place called Fire. 

By now you are all bored with this vacation stuff....but this is my scrapbook, if you will, so I must post pictures by day....and we are getting near the end.  I promise.

No pictures of the shopping, no pictures of the movies, but some couple shots taken at dinner. 

Cute signs in the area of the restaurant..........

I could run this place....if all you have to do is gossip.
This would be a great name for a coffee shop or a wine bar.

Cute little shacks that were closed for the evening.

Thanks for hanging in there.  Really, there is nothing more boring than looking at someone else's vacation pictures.  I know...I get it. 

But I have to document this so my kids can show it to me in the nursing home.

  " ....'member MAMA and then we went to the BEACH and
you saw your good friend DEBBIE?"

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  1. LOL You know you can have this made into a book.