Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sea Side and Seaside

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This was our last day at the beach as check out was the next day and we would head home.  Well, we thought Thursday was check out...but turns out we should have been out on Wednesday.  whoops.   We headed to the beach in the morning and to Seaside for a little shopping, dining, and watching the sunset.  Ahhh.  Seaside is pretty close to perfect.   

Hello, gorgeous.

I did not make Chuck cry....he got salt water and sunscreen in his eye. 
That combo burns like heck.
The only cure is to get out of the water
 and rub your eye with a dry towel.

After lunch we headed east to Seaside.

The view of the water at Seaside, Florida.

Twins sisters of different mothers, separated at birth.

Our dining spot for the evening.  Really great southern cooking.
I had macaroni and cheese with corn and bacon in it and ....grilled shrimp. 

The swinging door to the kitchen. 

Close to sunset we headed to Bud & Alley's...
a rooftop bar perfect for watching the sun go down.

Jordan and Chris recognized a group of guys that walked in as
All American Rejects...a punk rock band.
So I went out on the balcony to take pictures of the beach....wink, wink.
I can't say I was ever in to punk rock so I somehow missed these guys...
do you recognize them?


Denim vest and tattoo sleeve and the one looking right at me.

Lead singer with a ring on every finger.

That tattoo had to take a long time to do.

So busted.  ha.

Here comes the sunset. 


After dark, a concert took place on the hill in the square. 

I wasn't the only one who couldn't tell you what the band played. 
The beach wears a girl out.

Best day Will would say.

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