Friday, October 30, 2009

Cheerio, as they say....

Today's the day....I'm headed to London and am getting just a tee, tiny bit anxious. Looking forward to getting on with it....

I have this theory (that has been tried and found true many times) that if I don't really look forward to something, it usually turns out great. And if I do really, really plan and look forward to something, I'm usually a little disappointed. Glass half empty? Murphy's Law? Nope, just how I psyche myself out before big things. So with this trip planned and paid for in June, I have put it out of my mind until this week. Because of course, I had to pack. I even put that off as long as possible. But now I'm ready and giving it all I got now to NOT think about the 10 hour flight.

TEN. HOUR. FLIGHT. Girls, I've been known to get witchy after 2 hours in a car. Thank goodness for Chuck....he's not going. I will have to behave. Sit still and behave. Those are words I have heard my entire life. And still have a hard time doing just that.

I am really looking forward to doing things this week that I have yet to do in this life.....
  • Get on and stay on an airplane for more than 10 hours.....TWICE.
  • See a castle. Or 2 or 3.
  • Go to a pub. (I've been to my share of bars....but never a real pub.)
  • Shop at Harrod's. (I may not make a purchase, but I will shop.)
  • Spend 8 glorious days with 2 great friends. Ahhh...a Girl Trip. Never had a Girl Trip this long.
  • Be away from sweet Chuck for 8 days....not sure that has happened before. (Chuck, get the grin off your face.)

Check back in 10 days and hopefully, I will have posted my tales of the trip.

On a completely different note:

It's that time of year when Chuck has to sign up for employee benefits for the next year. He is able to increase the amount of life insurance on me and so is having to fill out the paperwork. He called me and said he needed my height and weight.

Uh, no. He does not need to know that. I am willing to tell him how tall I am, but really? Does he need to know that other number? Because then he will know.....something I have been keeping from him. I may have gained just a little bit since our wedding day. hahaha.

Maybe we really don't need to increase that life insurance. And HOPEFULLY, he won't be benefiting from it anytime soon.


  1. You definitely have to get a black shiny Harrods bag - great for carrying your papers/lunch to and from school. They're at Terminal 5 also....

  2. Have a great trip! Take lots of pictures with your blog in know the kind!

  3. Hope you had a nice flight, and that you got some sleep?? My jet lag was so terrible the first time I went over because I didn't sleep on the plane. Hope your jet lag is not that bad. Have a great time, it will go by so fast! It's already Sunday.