Sunday, October 4, 2009

The K Word

I shepherd 2 Sundays a month in the first grade class. Today, as my small group was finishing their craft, this is what was said........

Me: You guys rocked on that craft!

Her: (Gasping and throwing her hand over her mouth) You said a bad word!

Me: I did?

Her: uh, huh...

Me: What did I say?

Her: The K word.

Me: The K word? (thinking, thinking, can't think of one...) Whisper it to me....

Her: Crap. (Krap)

Me: No, I said craft. I said you guys really rocked on the CRAFT. (emphasis on this word.)

Her: Oh. My mom says KRAP but I can't.

I am so glad we cleared that up. I can cuss like a sailor but I also can put a lid on it in the right places. I really did say craft. The C word.

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