Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hunting Trip

Well, not the kind of hunting trip you may be thinking of, but it was a hunting trip.
We went on the hunt for a dress.
A bridal gown to be exact.

Cameron....reading the duties of the Maid of Honor.

Me.....reading the lists of lists of lists of things to do and when to do them....and letting go.

Cameron, my sister Catha, and I flew to Phoenix this weekend to help Jordan shop for the dress. Jordan knew exactly what she wanted and after trying on a least a dozen or more at 2 different places, she found the one. Just like deer hunters in their stand, we kept quiet. Very, very quiet. The deer would come out in a dress and we wouldn't utter a sound. So as not to disturb her. Sometimes we were so quiet, I swear the deer would look over at us wondering why we were there....sitting so quietly.

Our hunting trip was a success. Only in this story....the deer (dear) won! She found the dress.
It was exhausting for me because I had promised myself and others to keep my mouth shut and my opinion to myself. Not an easy task on any day but especially on the day your first daughter is shopping for her wedding dress......that is getting charged to our American Express.

Jordan (the dear) humored us and tried on a few that were "not her" because we begged her to. She even started bending a little when trying on those dresses that were "not her." Hum.....maybe? The one thing she said she did not want was glitter and bling. And I am not going to reveal anything on this blog........but her dress is very simple, very elegant, very "her"....and might just have a tiny bit of glitter and bling.

She definitely knew it was the dress when she tried it on. And after not saying anything all day, when she asked if I liked it, I replied, "I like it if you like it." Hahahaha. I never talk that way. That's how Chuck Hackney talks.....when he talks. All neutral and Switzerland like lest he sets anyone off. But I was determined to keep my opinion to I pulled a Chuck Hackney.

I did like it. I loved it. In fact, I found it on the rack and brought it over to her....and she grinned and said, "That's one I marked in the book (catalogue) but the girl hasn't brought it over yet." BINGO. And one minor adjustment was made to the dress....Catha's it was a win-win for all. The only problem I see is that faithful readers....will have to wait 5 months for the reveal. Could you just die?

I'm kidding. About the die part. But not about the 5 months part.

Getting that huge chore out of the way freed up the rest of the weekend for meeting the new mother-in-law and touring the resort where the ceremony and reception will take place.

Lunch was at an adorable place in the middle of Old Town Scottsdale. This place is as cute as can be and the food is all organic and fresh and wonderful. It will be the site for the Bridesmaids' Brunch being hosted by Aunt Catha.

Chris' mom sat between Catha and Cameron. She told us some sweet stories about Chris as a little boy. Poor Chris. He was the only guy in the whole place. What a trooper.

Catha came along on this hunting trip and made it all the more wonderful.

She is such a calming force to be around.

Jordan seems to be getting a wonderful who seems genuinely kind. She might... just might.... talk as much as me. And I'm thinking I like that about her. I like looking like the quiet type for a change. She went with us to tour the resort and she and I got spend some time together. We discussed what we would wear....and she and I agreed it would probably be something we didn't have to worry about our legs. I really loved that about her.

The resort was as gorgeous as I had thought it would be but the weather was severe. The temperature reached 100' and I don't care how pretty something is, the heat makes me want to flee inside. We took a lot of pictures of the place and did a lot of throwing around ideas. We threw them out and Jordan and Chris just looked at us, like really? Are you really thinking that? Not in a bad way. Just in that way that says, "we got it all under control."

This is the door that leads to the area where the ceremony will take place.

The walkways are all canopied in vines.

I am dreaming of sitting in these chairs with my husband after it's all over.....ahhh.

New love.

Outdoor patios every time we turned the corner.

They had me at "birdhouse."

Chris and Jordan in the lobby area.

Posing for us again.

We would walk 3 feet and say stop, stand there, let's get your picture.

I am doing you a huge favor and only posting a few.

Do you see how tall he is?

We did a little shopping and then met up with Chris again for a Mexican dinner at a place that will probably be the sight of the Rehearsal Dinner....Aunt Chiladas. Is that the cutest name for a Mexican restaurant? It was full of atmosphere and the food was delicious. Catha said they had the best Margaritas....after she tasted a it definitely got her vote. We had to sit you know.....I know........very hot.

Dining a la hell..... I mean dining al fresco.
Not complaining, really. Just setting the stage for you.

I am hot in this picture, got it?

Aunt Chiladas is ready for Halloween.....decorations everywhere.

Did I mention it was hot in Phoenix this weekend? The weekend that the first cold front blew through Houston? The weather here felt delicious when we stepped outside of the airport on our return. A yummy 67'. It was good to return home...but I had a wonderful weekend with my girls and my sister. And my soon to be son-in-law. Who assured me.....after we have put down several deposits.....non-refundable....that he is in it for the long haul and isn't going anywhere.

(He better get his own bathroom and closet.....that's all I'm saying.)

Best part about this weekend? Being with my sister and my daughters and taking it all in....knowing that we were in the middle of one of the times of our lives.


  1. Congrats on accomplishing so much in a weekend. 2 weeks after our first daughter got married my husband came home and said he had a business trip out of town the next week and asked if I wanted to come along. We used some of the AE points from all the wedding purchases and bought my ticket. What a relaxing week it was for both of us.

  2. LOL Great story! All true, too! Now you get to guide ME!!!

  3. It's lovely there. 5 months? I guess that will have to do. I have to tell you, there is just something warm and trustworthy about her fiance's face. He just looks like a good guy. And for some reason in my mind tall= safe in my mind.

  4. What a great post - I felt like I was along for the ride. Sooo fun. Good job on being neutral - my mom tried during the wedding planning, but couldn't quite pull it off. We had one of the biggest arguments of my adult life over square cake vs. round cake. Sheesh...

  5. I am so glad I was invited out to Phoenix to be a part of the adventure ... the weather in March will be cooler I'm sure ... and the five months are going to fly by! I'm so happy for the Hackney family ... Chris is the perfect addition. I love you all!

  6. What a wonderful story!!! I am so glad the "dear" found her dress...that is a big accomplishment! The resort looks so dreamy and beautiful I can't wait to see all of the wedding pics and I know you will take a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! :)