Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Tanta Taws Cama My House..."

When Cameron was little, we have her on video saying "Tanta Taws cama my house...." with a huge wad of gum in her mouth already retrieved from her stocking. A Christmas morning doesn't go by without us imitating her.

Tanta Taws always brings new pj's and perfume for the girls....

Will's going skiing with a good friend and his he received some cash in a box full of fake snow and glitter. Of course, Cameron had to go across the room to flip the box over and pour the snow on his head.

We watched Jordan open her gifts via the webcam. We were given strict orders not to call and wake her up but by 11:00 we couldn't wait any longer. She had the day off and was looking forward to sleeping in. The next 12 days are what her event planning is all will be non-stop, 18 hour we were trying to leave her alone. But you know how it is...when you're up, everyone else should be too.

And in case you've never seen one of the newest creatures around's the rat that 2 teenage girls gave Will for his 18th birthday. He joined us for the opening of the gifts.

When he wasn't being held, he was put in a laundry basket.

Maggie is thinking "these new dog toys look soooo real."

Do you see the sticker that says Sterilite? That is the dang rat tail underlining the word.

I'm going to wait a few months, then I'm giving this rat to Carol's boys.

Hope your Christmas was as merry and relaxing as ours was....

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