Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's 5:45 pm and I'm still in my pj's......

My mom gave me new pj's for Christmas and they are so incredibly comfortable that I have stayed in them all day. I had good intentions a couple of times to get dressed and get out but then started packing up the Christmas stuff and here it is 5:45. STILL home, still in my pajamas. Check out the cute red & white print of my new pj's.

I did accomplish alot today. And I am going to give all the credit to staying in my pajamas. I highly recommend it. I don't know about you....but if I get dressed, chances are I'm hitting the streets.

The house always looks bare after the "Christmas" is taken away.......but it's refreshing to get it put away and wipe away the dusty glittery layer on everything. (Thank you God that no one in this family is allergic to dust or glitter. Amen) So after putting things away and getting some order back to the rooms, I took some photos.

Here's my ode to the New Year.........on the buffet by the stairs, of course. I know the photo looks a little blurry. I think I've finally convinced Chuck to shop for a new camera. One that can override incompetent operators.

Click on the photo below to see the detail in the teacup collage housed in an old drawer. The artist.....Stephanie George Hirschberg....doojies....my childhood friend. That girl has an eye for finding odds and ends and marrying them together in a collage.

Here's a great new find from Half Price Books....a vintage (1964) Bible....perfect green cover, very large print, great old pictures.....it's about 9 x 11 so perfect for my coffee table....only $10.00.

Jesus at the age of 12.

The inside cover needs a little repair as a mother wrote a note to her son Ronald in very large, very poor handwriting....like she needed to write large because the book was large. And since Ronald didn't want this bible......I will cover up his name with some pretty scrapbook paper. You can't blame Ronald's mother for trying to set him on the right path.......heehee. There was a scrap of paper in the Bible that had Warrenton, TX on it....so I am thinking Ronald's mom found it there.

And my little Fine Feathered Friends Book made from 25 ATC's in a swap that took place at Silver Bella and hosted by Gina Grable. This is one of my new treasures.

The little book sits in a tray from my friend Kathy amidst other things and now that Christmas is gone, I can enjoy these things again.

I moved the round table into the dining room for Thanksgiving. It's not the perfect fit because it needs to be centered under the chandelier which makes for way too much wall space showing.......but until I get served with papers from the Decorating Police, I'm leaving it in here awhile. I love a round table. There's never a bad seat.

Now that I see this picture on here, I'm thinking I need something big in the corner to balance things......uhhhmmmm.....but if you were to see this in REAL LIFE, it doesn't look this off.

Here's another picture for a better perspective.

Okay.....tomorrow is December 31. I will get up and get dressed and perhaps get out for awhile. Then take a nap so I can stay up 'til midnight. Wherever you are tomorrow at midnight....I hope you're not drinking and driving. Yes....I am talking to YOU. It happens even to people like YOU.


  1. I loved seeing the bible in your blog as it is the same bible my family had on our coffee table as I grew up. I had just looked ours during my Christmas visit to my mom's and was asking her where she had gotten it. My parents had been given it by their bank in Southern Indiana. It's funny because I had just looked at the date too---1964!! So, how cool to see it here....

  2. I know why you needed a jammie day and I feel better that you took it! I love the Bible too, poor Ronald's mom...yah for Julia.

  3. love your treasures! love your book! your page is my favorite!
    that is the one I always show everyone... the blackest.