Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Read at midnight...and consider yourself kissed!

I pray that 2009 is a year full of good changes, more peace, less worries, better or continued good health, less pounds, more laughter, and a closer relationship with God. If I could give one good bit of advice to you or would be to stay in the present day and turn to God for strength and thanks in the small moments.

A note about the card....

Jordan came home for the Thanksgiving weekend and I had a photographer take some pictures of the kids. Chuck and I even got into a few poses. The photographer is Lisa Morris....a mom of the cutest twin girls that attend the school where I work. She is loaded with talent and very easy to work with. If you're anywhere in the Houston area, you should give her a call.

A Silver Bella sister, Cristina Sequino, whom I met in Omaha has her very own online stationery business...Sweet Pea Ink. I loved her holiday card selections and chose the one above....only changing the wording to Happy New give myself a little more time to get them mailed out. Check out her site here.


  1. That is a fantastic photo of your family! Happy New Year, Julia!

  2. Happy New Year, Julia. The kiss was delightful though I enjoyed it early!! Noticed Peggy commented before these Silver Bella friends!!

  3. I got mine when I got home...beautiful, of course. Wonderful surprise to find it was front and back and with a letter. Thank you for that gift and the other gift...