Monday, April 7, 2008 ane..jezzzz

You know, like the song....changes are going on around here. The first baby bird has left the nest and took with her some of our twigs....specifically the red sofa. So the old birds got a new sofa. It looks very plain and basic. But as professional couch potatoes, let me assure you this just may be the best sofa out there. It's a Broyhill....upholstered in a very soft golden chenille....and was within our price range before the sales price! If you need to find me, look here first.

And Rascal is back from college. Rascal is Will's rodent....gerbil, hamster, rat...can't ever remember which. When the stench was hitting us in the face everytime we came in the front door, I made Will move Rascal and his cage to the back porch. Over the late fall and winter, Cameron took Rascal to A&M to live in her room. He loved college. Until he saw the research lab....and his cousins. So now he is back in Cypress and residing on our back porch. He is very cute and very low maintenance and I will have him ready at the door if you (any of you) would like to take him home. I know the picture is a little fuzzy....try taking a picture of a scurrying rodent and see if your automatic focus works.

So 1 daughter grown up and moved out, 1 rodent back home, 1 red sofa out, 1 new sofa in.


  1. very pretty couch. i'm enjoying mine as well.

    i like those shutters... kinda jealous.


  2. Julia,

    So the red couch has moved to Phoenix and a new one has moved in...but where? I can't envision that spot in your house. I'm likin' that new sofa...where did it live before it came to your house?

  3. Cool shutters! I wanted to go to Round Top........maybe next year.

  4. Stephanie/DoojiesMay 7, 2008 at 9:56 PM

    I love the new sofa, the room looks beautiful. I'd keep Rodent off it. It's so hard, we have cat rodent and dog rodent and it's challenging to keep the house from smelling like a zoo.