Monday, April 7, 2008

Roundtop & Warrenton 2008

I went to Roundtop and Warrenton this weekend with my friend, Amy. She is one of the kindergarten teachers that I assist and admire and although she is 30 and I am 50, I consider her a good friend. We spent most of the day in the Warrenton area and walked in and out of tents and fields looking for buried treasure.

I have been going to Roundtop for several years now and when I first arrive, I always feel a sense of panic that there is way too much to look at and there is no way to see it all. I am just scanning the booths and hesitant to purchase anything because what if the "real thing that I really, really want" is somEwhere down the road? But then, I get in a groove and just start enjoying being outside and looking at all the junk. For every booth full of good stuff, there are about 75 booths full of the same junk you have in your own garage. So within a few hours, I am exhausted and unfocused again. And panicking because the sun is going down on another year at Roundtop. This is not a major panic....this is the same panic you get when you can't pass up a piece of chocolate cake, because God knows when the next time you might see a piece will be.

We had a good day...and got a little Vitamin D via the sun. Of course, Amy got very pink and is now tan. I got a very red neck that is still tender this morning.

Below are my purchases....

A black & white table runner

A pair of shutters for $20. The price was too good to pass them up. They are on my back deck behind this plant for now.

A cross t-shirt and 3 turquoise bracelets.

The t-shirt came from a booth/shop called Virgins, Saints & Sinners. They had a t-shirt that said "I feel a sin coming on." Check out their website at Cowgirl chic and bling is very IN right now and they had some of the best I've seen.

I even came home with a little change in my pocket...which I consider a sin....


  1. My friend originally from Brenham, Shelley who lives in Annapolis now, was there too...did you see her? Just kidding. She was there but I know there are a couple of others. Remember my college roomate Stacy? She's got a weekend home in Brenham and has offered it to me for a Round Top weekend, October? I know what you mean about the trashy chic, my girls are the Junk Gypsies from COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS. I order from them every so often and I live vicariously through them and their travels. It was a big "to do" at Silver Bella in Omaha that everyone dress "Junk Gypsy" for the vendor night. It was a hoot, several had it down to an art. Y'all are all so "cutting edge", you'd think that the East Coast or the THE MOST POWERFUL CITY IN THE STINKING WORLD would be more up to date, but boo hoo, we have to get our info from our out of state friends. Thank goodness or we'd all be frumpy frumpertons. Let's see if we can keep any snow storms at bay in October, shall we?

  2. Stephanie/DoojiesMay 7, 2008 at 10:09 PM

    Green I tell you, green. Stamping feet, "Daddy I want a pony" envy. I always wondered what the prices were like, I've heard high but I don't think many places are as high as here. I know Omaha was like stealing compared to here. I better bring the Global Warmer to load up...(probably some money would be good too). Endless perks-seeing you, seeing my son, seeing your kids, plus, plus, plus. I think I'll need a week on each side to make sure I soak it all in.