Wednesday, February 6, 2013

If We Only Had a Door

The bathroom remodel is basically done...just waiting on the shower door.  It's been measured for and now in the production stage which is about 2 weeks.  So close to done...yet not.

If you check in here now and then, you may remember I called "TIME OUT" on the marble on the walls and floor because they clashed with the slabs.  We had to run out and pick a new marble...which of course, no one had enough in stock, had to find a new decorative tile for the shower and days and days went by with no activity going on in the bathroom...Project STALL

During this period of "nothing going on in the bathroom" time, I went to Scottsdale with the middle daughter for the oldest daughter's baby shower...and found out 30 minutes before the baby shower through a phone call that that my mother had passed away.  So I am still in a weird, processing frame of mind.  Literally, nothing is in order around here and everything is covered with 2 inches of dust.  But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I think it's going to be so worth it.

Sneak Peek:

The blue tape marks where the shower door will go. 
We went with Crema Marfil on the walls and floor
 and it is a very creamy, soothing color. 

I rarely wait for the paint to dry before hanging pictures and arranging decorative items.   I have to start seeing it come together even if I won't be in here for awhile.  I found this art at Cost Plus World Market and it ties all the shades of marble and paint together with just enough pop of color.  I saw this online and drove to the nearest store to see it in person...loved it and bought it on sale!  If you haven't been to World Market lately, you should's full of goodies at great prices.
The past month has included this remodel, a visit to Scottsdale for the baby shower, the passing and funeral of my mother, and the losing of my brand new eyeglasses.  I'm ready for a little boredom.


  1. Thank you for including Cost Plus World Market and our "Unexpected" by Leila wall art ( your blog. We'd love it if you could link to the page on our site.

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    Thank you again for including World Market. We appreciate it.

    ~World Market

  2. Looking good. Keep those updates coming!!!