Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You Could Not Tell Me Then....

Back row:  Nanny holding Will and G'Daddy
Front row:  Cameron, Jack and Jordan
Halloween 1990
You could not tell me then to stop and relax because it was all going to go by so fast.  That's the trick of time, isn't it?  Long days, short years.  It's so cliche that it's irritating at the time.  And now when I hear myself tell my young mom friends to enjoy every moment, I want to slap myself because I sound like an old lady.

But oh, my.  It's the truth. 

I remember feeling overwhelmed on many Halloweens with so much to do between getting everyone dressed up and cooking our traditional chili and cornbread and having the whole family over which meant additional cleaning and serving.  Chuck would pull in to the driveway when it was about time to eat.  I could never relax and enjoy it.  At the time. 

And today...we bought the candy, I'm making the chili and cornbread but there are no trick-or-treaters to get dressed and fed in a rushed frenzy before trick-or-treating.  And I have all the time in the world. 

And it's not so fun.

And this picture makes me miss my daddy who dressed up in a prison suit on Halloween, 1990, because just a few weeks before he locked himself out of his house and was trapped between the security gate and front door.  He was trapped in a little area for hours.  When he saw this prison costume at a Walgreen's he knew he had to have it.  His humor was subtle.

And I miss those babies. 

Sorry for the melancholy.

I really don't allow myself to feel too much pity but something washed over me when I found this picture.  Because....(I'm slapping myself).... it does seem like it was just yesterday.

The melancholy could also be brought on by low blood sugar this morning. Chuck bought about 6 huge bags of candy and we got in to one of them last night. 


  1. Love the pic and your Daddy's "subtle humor" :) Thank you for this message today because as a mother of 4 children, two of which are totally exhausting 4 yr olds, I often have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy them and their magic. So happy for y'all that you will soon be experiencing the magic of a grandbaby! Happy Halloween!

  2. I know my trick or treat years re coming to a close and I'm feeling sad about it too. I agree with every thing you said about the passage of time and it's so hard sometimes to not feel melancholy about it.

  3. LOVE the photo--it would make me melancholy too! I know it's SO true when they say these are the best years of our life but why is it so hard to embrace that when you're "in" it? I don't know if it's truly possible to appreciate it until you're beyond it. I try though--I try. Thank you for your words of wisdom and your reminder to cherish these days.