Monday, October 22, 2012

Girls' Trip to See the Baby Bump

I just got back from a Girls' Trip to Scottsdale, Arizona.  Harry wasn't invited because a) he's a boy and b) he's a dog and c) he would not fit in the suitcase.  He was not happy.

My sister Catha, Cameron and I went to see Jordan and the Baby Bump and we went bearing gifts.

I've spent my free time in the last month sewing burper cloths and baby blankets and Cameron has been accumulating Aggie baby items so we hand delivered them to Jordan.

Because Jordan and Chris have decided "firmly" that they do not want to know the gender of the baby, it was somewhat of a challenge finding fabric that is gender neutral.  When I found the "dog" fabric, I decided to make some burpers and a blanket from the dogs. 

And a few more gender neutral burpers and blankets.
The second after I see this baby and hold it
 and give it a huge kiss on the neck,
 I will be heading to Target to get something pink or blue. 
 This is hard not knowing.
Especially since I work in a cute store with
an adorable baby section....
full of very pink or very blue things.
We ate lunch at Arcadia Farms...
the first place Jordan ever took us to eat in Scottsdale 5 years ago. 
 And the place where Catha hosted
the Bridesmaid Luncheon for Jordan in March of 2010. 
 This place is adorable, special to us, and the food is delicious. 

I can never pass up carrot cake. 
Catha and I shared but I'm sure I had more than half. 

I love that I can go visit my daughter in a place that is like a vacation. 
The climate, the terrain, the architectural style,
 the food and shopping are all so different than home. 
I know once the baby is here I will only want to sit in a chair with him/her...
but for now we spent this trip on the go.

This isn't a cloudy picture, it's the "misting"
 that is outside on the patio to keep patrons cool and moisturized.
  It's a dry heat they say.
 Think sticking your head inside your oven at 350 degrees.
Hot heat.

Blue skies, nothin' but blue skies.......

Snuck in a picture of my "baby."

We ate lunch at a sports bar on Saturday morning called Blue 32...
a bar owned by an Aggie...where we watched the Aggie game.

Chuck, back at home,  dressed Harry in an Aggie shirt and cap
 and sent us pictures during the game.

This is Harry at the end of the game.  Guess who didn't get the most points?
After the game, we shopped and shopped then Chris met us for dinner
at a place called Bar North.  We ate outside on the patio
 in the cool desert evening air. 
On Sunday, we stopped at Catha's favorite place and bought some donut holes and coffee....only to get to Jordan's church and find donut holes and coffee.
 Chris played the drums in the worship band at their church
 so I finally got to see him drum.
 He's very I knew he would be. 

After church we ate a LGO....La Grande Orange Grocery. 
This is the cutest place...a store, a grocery, a restaurant,
 a pizza place, a cafe all rolled in to one. 
And so we ate and shopped some more. 

Chandeliers and mountains.

A burger on a sourdough bun.

Oh, how I wish you could.

 And then we headed back to Jordan's for just a bit before the airport.

The 3 of them...soon to be 4.  Mia is a Beagle/Boxer mix and the most timid dog ever.  Right before this picture was taken we had gone outside to get a picture of the 3 of them.  However, Cameron was in the hammock and so it was "moving."  Mia was petrified and wouldn't stay outside.  Her Mama got a little mad at her and kept trying to drag her back to the photo spot.  We finally gave up and came inside.  In this picture, Mia looks like she is pouting because she was.  She had just gotten in trouble. 

The scary hammock.

I'm guessing this baby will be long legged
and have reddish hair with blue or green eyes.
All I really care about is that it gets here healthy
 and safely and that I am somehow able to be there.
Today is our 29th wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Chuck! 
Thanks for the laughs, the tears, the hugs,
the couch potato thing, the trips,
 the gifts, the babies, the college funds,
 the longevity, the dogs, the indulgences,
the patience, the commitment to it all.
We had no idea what we were getting in to
 but we had a great friendship underneath our new love. 
And that is what has made this thing work. 
We are far from perfect and normal
but somehow at the end of the day,
this is home and that feels good.
You are my equalizer, I am your upper.
  You are the flat line to my wavy one.
I know I can count on you and
 I hope you know you can count on me.
This next year, I will start calling you "Pop"
 and this new baby has no idea
how lucky it is to have you for a grandfather. 
Can you believe it's been 29 years Chuck? 


  1. Who can really believe it? I swear to Buddha that it was just yesterday that Jordan was your baby bump! I remember those days so well. You are my hero. I love you so, Stephanie

  2. That looks like the best trip ever!! I can not believe you will be a grandma. Does that kind of make me an Aunt?:)

    That baby is so lucky!
    I love you-

  3. That looks like the best trip ever!! Can't believe you are going to be a grandma. Does that kind of make me an Aunt?

    That baby is so lucky!
    I love you-