Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Trip to Roundtop

My friend Karen asked me to head back with her this past Saturday to Roundtop.  I gave it some thought...about a second...and accepted.  Chuck and Cameron headed to Cleveland, Mississippi, to visit relatives and see the Texas Aggies play the Ole Miss Rebels in Oxford, Mississippi.  Home alone meant I could go to Roundtop and had no rush to get home. 

This time we concentrated on Marburger Farms.  Rows of big white tents with a few buildings out in the middle of a pasture, Marburger Farms is one of the first places I ever went to years ago.  After a day of shopping there, I remember why I quit going....the price tags.  If you collect antiques, this may be the place for you.  But I just like to find cute junk and it needs to be affordable so Marburger is a little too high end for me.

For instance, I was on the hunt for a cute mirror.  I want to do a grouping of antique mirrors and already have an oval one and an odd shaped I was specifically looking for a rectangular shaped mirror.  And I found the perfect mirror for my bathroom.  It was small...about 10 x 16.  Price tag?  $650.00.  Yep.  It must have been European.  Ancient.  And expensive to ship over here.  I could just imagine Chuck's reaction to me picking up a little mirror for $650.00. 

Even though I didn't buy much, I had a great time looking.  The booths are so incredibly creative.  Walls are covered in fabric, burlap, wallpaper....and strung with lights and chandeliers.  It's easy to forget you're in a tent. 

A happy little leprechaun for only $275. 

This is Tinkerbell.  She drew a crowd because she was being strolled around in a wagon.  I asked her mama if I could take her picture and she took Tinkerbell out and put her on this table.  The "mama"  sounded like me when I'm trying to get Harry to pose....she kept saying, "TREAT?  treat?  TrEaT?"

I found a couple of pictures from last week that I want to share on here for my crafty friends.  This booth had gorgeous Christmas stockings and pillows.  Not that I need another pillow but these were adorable....and could be copied...or at least serve as inspiration for Doojies.  They were made of burlap and were embellished with ribbon, trinkets (like a key, a suitcase handle, ornaments), floral sprays and  pockets for vintage cards.  Just one on a chair would be so cute.  The ribbon was satin and was gathered then attached...but not even sure that would be necessary...just a bow or a row of ribbon would be cute.  It was all the doo dads that made them cute.  If you make one, let me know.  I may attempt one. 

Between working and vacuuming Harry's other half (I swear I vacuum up as much hair as is still on his body), I've been busy sewing some things...but I can't tell you what just yet. 

Here's a hint. Baby.

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