Monday, July 9, 2012

Food, Chicken Foot and Rain

Chuck cooked ribs for Saturday evening...and it's an all day affair.  I had prepared some of the side dishes and dessert on Friday so he could have the kitchen to himself.  Some of us slept in, some of us went shopping, some of us sat around, while one of us worked on the  My kitchen hasn't seen this much action in a few years.  The meal was great, then we played Chicken Foot.

Chicken Foot is a dominoes game much like Mexican Train.  It's played with special dominoes and a center tray.  It's a great game for a group of people....I would say ages 8 to 88.  There were a lot of competitive, strategizing, serious players at the table.  And then there was me.  And guess who won? 


If you ever play Chicken Foot, let me tell you a trick.  Get rid of the dominoes with the most dots first.  That's it.  I never look at the board until it's my turn...which I have to be yelled at "IT'S YOUR TURN!"...and then I look at my hand of dominoes and find the one with the most dots and see if there's a spot to play it.  If not, I look at the domino with the next most dots....etc.  If you play like this, you will drive the others crazy...which really is a fun game in itself.

Jordan and Chris left Sunday afternoon.  We woke up to a dark, rainy day and it stayed that way.
Lots of laying around in the dark...only getting up to eat leftovers now and then.

Back to reality for all of us.  It was fun while it lasted.


  1. Sounds perfect to me!!! And thanks for the Chicken Foot tips.... you and I play alike.

  2. It all sounds so wonderful. You are blessed.