Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boxwoods, Astronauts and Babies

More from Jordan and Chris' visit...

Thursday's hightlight was lunch at Tiny Boxwoods.  First, we headed downtown to tour Chuck's office and the downtown tunnel.  Chris has never been downtown so Chuck was extremely happy that someone was eager to tour it.  Will worked half a day, then joined us for lunch.  After much confusion with a navigation system, a male driver with no sense of direction and 2 people under 30 yelling out driving directions from their IPhones...we found this adorable place.  I'll be back soon. 

A cute place with great food in the "city."

Tiny boxwoods decorate the tables and there is a nursery right outside of the restaurant where you can buy a tiny well as lots of other beautiful plants.

This is the one I brought home. Hoping I can keep it alive and trim it in a perfect sphere soon.

Friday was a big day for Chuck. Jordan has met some astronauts through her event planning work. In fact, she has become friends with one in particular and his wife. They knew her hometown was Houston and encouraged her to let them know the next time she was in town and they would give Jordan and her father a private tour.....behind the scenes at NASA.

This is a dream come true for Chuck...who still has the scrapbooks he made as a boy, following all the latest news of the astronauts and space exploration.

He now has a hundred or more photos and a video of his private tour...but the grin on his face in the one above says it all.

Jordan with her friends, NASA Astronaut Clay Anderson and his wife Susan. They will never know how much their gift of time meant to Chuck.   Houston is so proud to be the home of these fine men and women in the space program.  I hope that space exploration continues in some way. 

On a sad note, condolences to all the astronaut families as they lost one of their own this past week, Alan Poindexter, who died in a watercraft accident. These families are trained to prepare for the worst when it comes to their missions in the military or as astronauts...but this was just an accident while enjoying time with family. None of us are immuned.  Alan will be missed by his own family and those like Clay, his NASA family. 

Friday evening, Jordan's friend Casey drove down from Dallas with her two baby boys. One is 8 months old and the other is 29 months old but when my baby is 21 years old, a 29 month old is still a baby.  We went out to eat at a crazy busy, noisy Mexican restaurant nearby and I played like I was the grandmother.  Loved it.  Casey and Jordan have been good friends since their freshman year at Texas A & M and they still keep in touch.    It was fun to have her and her babies around.  Check out her blog...she is a great writer and wonderful photographer.  And there are some great recipes on there as well.

 I've said it before, I'll say it again....what I would give to have had a blog when my kids were little.  You young moms out there need to blog...if nothing else just post pictures. One day, you won't remember.  I promise. 

This house is ready for the legos again...


  1. That is such a boyish smile on Chuck's face. How wonderful that he got to realize a dream like that. I bet Jordan scored some points with that one!

  2. I've been to Tiny Boxwoods! I LOVE that nursery.... my daughter used to live down the street from it (on Alabama).... when she was single!!! Astronauts are great! So glad Chuck had that experience.... it would be like me sitting down and visiting with Annette.

  3. Love it all but especially happy for Chuck. Those long-awaited dreams can be some of the sweetest as his photo indeed attests to.