Monday, July 2, 2012

Affirming Words

After my post yesterday, Chuck and Jordan took the test and gave me the results.  They both scored highest in Words of Affirmation for their Love Language.  Gosh, I wish I would have known this 28 years ago....I could have been a little more vocal about my love for them. 
Instead I was cleaning and cooking....showing them my love. 

Still not sure about the other two kids...but I feel confident that they don't
receive love with Acts of Service....
while I'm the poster child for that Love Language.

Today is my day off and I have been washing bedding and
 working in the back yard in preparation for a visit from Jordan and Chris. 
While the laundry is going, I have been in and out of the backyard off the porch, trimming the crepe myrtles, moving a potted plant. 
 I was feeling very productive until I accidently
 set the pot down too close to the edge of the spa. 

Yep.  It went in.
  And down fast. 
 I got in and pulled it out as fast as I could
 but the damage was done.  To the clean spa anyway. 
I think the plant loved it. 

So knowing my husband feels love with Words of Affirmation, I sent him this email:

You are the best husband.

Now you might want to take off early tomorrow afternoon because I was moving a plant and it fell in the spa.  I retrieved it but there is a lot of dirt in the spa now.

You are so handsome. 

Love you, Julia

His reply:

Go to the back of the garage and open the spa timer box.  Remove the pins on the timer wheel that turn on and off the spa motor.  Do not let the spa motor come on.  It it is on, push the silver lever to off.

Well, he does know I love Acts of Service I copied this email and took it outside to do what he said. 

Not what I had planned for the afternoon...
I was going to do a little floating
 but instead did some skimming.

On another subject...Harry is calming down a lot. 
 But I take that back in case it jinxes anything. 
 He is the most lovable, affectionate dog ever. 
The only time he does any damage is when we leave. 
 We're calling it an anxiety disorder. 
 The drill around here when we leave is to make sure nothing
...and I mean left out. 

 Well, of course the patio furniture is left out. 

Our reaction?  Just let him chew it...we'll look in to
 buying some wrought iron furniture next year. 
 We are going to make the best grandparents!
  Spoiled like my own children never were.

He's always very sorry for any damage caused. 

But then he's back to playing and even sometimes chewing on legal items.

Happy 4th of July Week! 

May you have a safe week!

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  1. I'm acts of service too! So far I've had Jim and Maddie both take it and it's very interesting. I'm glad you posted about it. Now I know I should constantly be touching Jim and I should never touch Maddie.