Monday, June 4, 2012

Next to Normal...

My nephew is currently playing the role of Henry in Stages Theater's Next to Normal
  I've seen it twice...and I don't do plays. 
 Yep.  Twice.  It's that good. 

It's a musical...but only because the conversation
between the characters is sung.
It's not your typical  "break in to song and dance" kind of musical.

It could be described as funny, sad, and honest with endearing characters.
The family is dysfunctional (whose isn't?) because of the mother's mental illness.
  The effects of her treatment and mistreatment is at the center of the dysfunction.
But there is much more. 
It's better to go in to it not knowing though. 

The set is incredible in that it barely exists. 
Tables and chairs are wheeled in and out from one scene to the next
 in darkness and this allows the audience to simply focus
 on the faces of the characters and their beautiful voices.

If you live in the Houston area, you should definitely try to see this one.  It will make you proud of Houston theater.  My nephew is the reason I went to see it the first time...with my sister, his mom.   But I went back the second time so my husband and kids could see it, too.  It's that good. 

Chuck doesn't do plays either.  But he loved it.  So there.

It's playing through June 24. 

I should explain for anyone who doesn't know me that I don't do plays
 because I can't sit still that long.  Not because I don't like them. 
 Most plays don't keep my attention long enough and I find myself
 counting the scenes left until intermission or the end.
  It's just a very antsy feeling.  Almost claustrophobic. 

And Chuck doesn't like plays because he likes television
 more than anything in the world.  And plays aren't like television.
  Movies come close to television so he does like some movies. 

 But plays?  Not so much. 

So let me say this again....we loved this play.


What else?

Reading a couple of books on my Kindle Fire...and getting used to it. 


Saw Bernie and loved it. 
 A true story about a murder that happened in
Carthage, Texas in the mid 90's. 
Jack Black does a great job as Bernie. 

Chuck had a conference to attend in Orlando in May
 so Will and Cameron tagged along so they could go
 to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
They had 2 days at the park and drank lots of ButterBeer.
All of my kids (3) love Harry Potter but these two are the
most addicted to the whole thing.
At least these 2 tell me they are more obsessed with HP than their sister.
Jordan is more obsessed with The Wizard of Oz.

So glad they had this chance to go here.

Check out the expression on the girl in pink.

All tshirts.

I stayed home with my very own Harry Pawter.


  1. Lucky them! We are hoping to take Emma in a couple of years. For now she will settle for the HP studio tour when we go to London. She's prepared to spend a good portion of her cash there.

  2. 1. I wish I could see Mark's play. Knowing you love it that much means it must be really, really good.

    2. If I had the invite EARLIER to Hogwarts, I would've been there. But my sister and brother KEEP things from me.

    3. I want to read those two books. You can share them between Kindles. We need to do that.

    4. I'm pretty sure that girl thinks that Will is Harry Potter.

    5. I almost wrote Chris instead of Will, and I also called Will "Chris" twice today on the phone.

    6. I can't wait for Chris to meet Harry. I bet his first comment will be: He's so BIG! Because no matter how you explain it, he is so much bigger in person.

  3. Wonderful post ... great advertising ... and I love your Harry Pawter more than the other one ... hope to see you soon ... maybe Thursday!

  4. Ha! Jordan's comment looks just like something you would post. Power points! Oh, you can share books between Kindles? We MUST do this so I don't have to constantly bug you to share what you're reading. Thank you Jordan! Just ordered This is How for my Kindle right after reading this which I had read before but didn't have a chance to comment on. I l'd like to think that Mark's play will get to Broadway and I can see it there; I'm pretty sure he'd like to think that too! Let me know if it goes onto other cities. So, I think the look on that girl's face is, "Who is this hot star who is having his photo taken with the (get away from my boyfriend!) beautiful girl?".