Monday, May 14, 2012

A Happy Mama's Day, 2012

Now that I'm in retail, I have a whole new perspective on Mother's Day.  It blows Christmas out of the water....when it comes to least in our little gift store.  We had a crazy 2 weeks in the store and I was beyond exhausted by Saturday night.

The difference in the busy between Christmas and Mother's Day?  Men.  When men come in the store, they have a helpless stare in their eyes.  They need help.  And that help can be exhausting.  Or they bring in the kids and let the kids pick something out.  And one must bite their tongue because it might possibly be the one thing I would never pick out in the store and I suspect the "mama" isn't going to love it.   But it sure feels good when finally....after a lot of suggestions...they say "that's the one I want."  Multiply that by 1000 men and kids in the last two weeks...and I was so ready for a Saturday night out with my own family to celebrate me being the "mama."  Off my feet...with a glass of wine. 

This is the ritual at our house before we leave.  Everytime. 
I say, "Let's get a treat!"  and they all surround me. 
"Let's get a treat" is how I surround them and lock them up.
  I throw out a treat to each I call out their name.
  They wait patiently for their turn.  Smart?  I like to think so.
  Addicted?  Definitely.  Locked up while we're gone? Absolutely.

I really just want you to look at those back legs on Harry.  I love him
And this just makes me love him more.  Poor little thing. 
 He's got bad back legs.  As he sits and waits his turn, they slide out even further.
  He pulls them back in and they slide right back. 
It's worth dragging out the treat process just to watch this. 

We met up with my sister and her family (minus one who had to work) at Houston's.
  Houston's never takes reservations so were prepared for a long wait.
  Chuck drops us off to get our name in and he parks. 
 I walk up to the Hostess and she asks me, "Do you have a reservation?" 
 Me, "No, you don't take reservations...." 
 She says, "Yes, we do...." 

 WE have been going to Houston's for years and years and
have called and asked for reservations often
 and they always say they don't take them. 
 And suddenly they do. 

 Good to know. 

Anyway, we had a great time waiting and were seated within 30 minutes.
  Cameron and Will were given instructions
to be sure Jordan was represented. 

 So they printed out a large photo of her and carried her with us. 

Jordan, you watched me open really felt like you were there. 
  That brown blob on Will's card is the attempt to get Harry's paw print. 
Will said Harry immediately pulled his paw back.


We were seated in a large booth against a wall of open shelving. 
 The bottom shelves were full of old National Geographics...
see the yellow over Will's shoulder?  When our kids were little,
they were scared of the girl on the front of the June, 1985, issue. 
 This issue was put on each other's pillows now and then 
to scare each other when they woke up.  
So they looked for this issue along the stacks in the shelves....
knowing it was an early 80's issue.  It was in the stack right behind us. 
 That is coincidence.
And that called for a photo. 

Of course, we had to get this photo. 
Who can look the most like her? 
 Sorry, Jordan didn't stand a chance.

We ended Saturday watching our favorite local talent, Jon McConnell
 This guy is the same age as literally, I could be his mama. 
 He is so talented and so humble.  I just know he is going to make it big one day.
  He plays in bars to pay the bills, but he also plays Christian music
 in a church every Sunday morning....
living on about 2 hours of sleep between Saturday nights
 and Sunday mornings. 

Sunday morning, Will gave me his gift...a tea cup and saucer...and this balloon. 
 Harry was scared to death of it. 
So I tied it on the refrigerator door to keep it away from him. 
Not saying I'm the Best Mommy, but the balloon does. 

Speaking of Mommy. 
I've never been called anything but "Mama." 
Never mother, or mom, or mommy.
Is that a Texas thing?   A Southern thing?

Harry.  Being calm. 
Just had to throw this one in.

Chuck surprised me with a gift card to Magpies...where I work. 
Believe it or not, I spend very little money there. 
Not because I don't want a lot of it, but because my impulse to buy
 the cute stuff that comes in has time to subside during the day. 

I will enjoy spending the gift cards....over and over in my mind....before I finally actually spend them.  Chuck was proud of the fact that he bought the cards right under my nose.  He brought me lunch on Saturday and handed over a typed note to the other girls. 
I had no idea.  Which gave him a big kick.

Have I mentioned I hate surprises?  Well, obviously not this kind.

We ended Mama's Day in my favorite place. 

I look back at the years that flew by and try hard to remember these adults as babies, as toddlers, as children.  We all survived the crazy years of diapers, bottles, laundry and homework...and arrived at this day safe and healthy and beyond blessed.  I don't take it for granted.  I know there were a lot of hard days...hard times...but that only makes it more of an accomplishment. 

This post is for me.  To remember.  To be thankful. 
Because it all goes so fast. 

I am so proud of the newborn babies that are now newborn adults. 
Thank you for calling me "mama."

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  1. Oh Julia. This post brought tears to my eyes. I had to look at that adorable picture of Harry sitting again to bring myself back. I'm glad you had a lovely mother's day.