Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Ride

It seems to be there are only two things we know for sure.  One, we are born...because if you're reading this, you were born.  And two, we will die.  I know, such a downer, but that one is for sure.

But how, when, and where is the big mystery, isn't it?

In between is full of the unknown.  And this is the stuff that feeds the anxiety, the depression, the control freak's nightmare.  We fill our calendars with schedules and appointments.  We get up on time to get to our jobs on time.  We go home the same way each day and pull in the driveway of our homes thinking about what will be for dinner.  And in the complacency of our daily routines we can settle in to a safe place. A routine.  Our normal.  On our tracks.

And then the phone rings....bad news.  Or someone knocks on the door....bad news.  Or a co-worker calls in sick and when they return it's with bad news. 

Oh, sometimes it's good news.  The phone rings....a baby is born healthy.  Someone knocks on the door...we found your dog down the street.  A co-worker makes you laugh and you feel such a connection. 


Bumper Cars.

We are just rolling around this arena of life on our little tracks.  And then bump.  Bump it hurts.  Bump it makes you laugh hysterically. Days with no bumps.  Days with nothing but bumps.

The best part of growing older (one must try to find a "best" about it) is that one can look back and see all of the bumps and how they worked out.  Your house didn't sell and then a new neighbor moved in and became the best friend that was made at the age of 35.  That job that came to an end and a new job appeared so easily.  The "oops" pregnancy that turned in to the most adored son and brother.

Oh, we steer those bumper cars of ours.  We plan and plan and steer and steer.  But still....bump. 



And then after the bump....always we get back in the clear. Nothing is in the way of our tracks.  Always after a bump, things clear up.

It's a bump.  And maybe it's several bumps.  But then a new normal comes after the bump. 

We get up, we eat, we deal, we go back to bed.  Back in the clear...on our track.

And while we're on the ride we stay in that car.  And we steer and we bump.  And we cry and we laugh.  Because it's not over until it's over. 

And what fun would it be really, if we just got in that bumper car and the car never moved?

We could avoid the bad bumps...but we would avoid the good ones, too. 


  1. Wow....I am reading this with tears steaming down my face. I am facing a HuGe a call this morning that my sister has Hodgkins Lymphoma. She's been sick for over a year with no diagnosis and today they admitted her into the hospital to run test to confirm. I know we will get over the bump....but it's going to be tough! Deep in my heart I had a feeling that I was going through the journey with TCrusdae for a reason...I just didn't know it was going to lead me so close to home. I have learned a lot over the last couple of weeks....but nothing can prepare you when it happens to you. My head has been filled with lots of thoughts and emotions today and you just summed it up perfectly.....lifes all about bumps and being able to get over them and move on. Even when it seems impossible.

  2. Deep thoughts today Julia. Beautifully written. Some of those bumps are so big they take our breath away but we are stronger than we realize. Thanks for this post.

  3. You are the best "bump" that ever happened to me.

  4. You are one of the best "bumps" that ever happened to me!

  5. You amaze me. This actually calmed my spirit. Bumps have always scared me, but I know they are unavoidable. I thank my wonderful God for standing between the "bumps." They are still there, just after the bump I am cushioned. Thanks, Julia, this was a wonderful reminder about "life." Oh how I miss you!!


  6. I love your writing and this is beautifully inspiring. Thank you so much for an important reminder in such a creative way.