Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mrs. Grinch

While shopping yesterday, I heard a lady commenting to another customer, "I hate that there are Christmas decorations out already."

The other lady nodded her head politely in agreement....but said nothing.

Then Mrs. Grinch walked off talking  yelling out loud....



She said this so loud  that heads turned all around her to see who was yelling.  And for a second she made eye contact with me. I scattered fast before she heard the Christmas music being piped in over the speakers and went postal.

I was proud of my impulse control because what I wanted to say to her was "STUPID YOU."  Because lady, it's not just JCPenney.  It's retail.  And it happened about a month ago, so get over it.   And if it makes you that angry, you need to stay home.  I felt like she might see the glitter stuck to my face and realize I've been decorating, too.  Because I have.

I'm not saying it doesn't feel like the rush is on.  But the rush is on.  Try hard to not be a Mrs. Grinch.  There are far worse things in this cold, cruel world than to see Christmas decorations up in November.

The real problem is our calendar.  It had to be a man that made the decision to have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas fall within 55 days of each other in a year that holds 365 days.  


  1. I always feel the need to say something to those people that are complaining about the decorations being up. I am impressed with your self control! She's most likely a very unhappy person.

  2. You are a far better person to hold your tongue as you did! I don't have the patience for unhappy, bitter, angry, boring people like that!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with glitter from head to toe, :)!



  3. Are you kidding? Where had she been since August? I swore I wouldn't bring in my Christmas inventory until after Thanksgiving but right after Halloween it looked like someone threw up Christmas all over the store except in my area. I put fall in right before Halloween and it was too late, everyone else had gotten to decorate our customers' houses first. Catch 22. Did I mention that I don't like to decorate for any holidays? Well that is the same for my shop; I have a hard time making art for specific holidays; I'm an all-year-round kind of artist. The glitter story is, I'm sorry, so funny. You or Mellie, it was bound to happen at some point...