Wednesday, November 23, 2011

He Gets Me

I have 3 very different children.  I see some of my quirks and qualities in each of them.  I see some of Chuck's quirks and qualities in them. There are times that they do something or say something and I swear I just saw a glimpse of myself....or Chuck.   I will see all 3 of them plus my new son-in-law by the time I go to bed tonight.  Thankful.

Will came home last night for the Thanksgiving holiday and I was welcomed with the biggest, tightest hug.  We all agree he gives the best hugs.  It almost feels like a Heimlich maneuver, but not quite.  About the time I think I can't breathe, he lets go.  Love.

He pointed to a wrinkled up, taped up grocery sack on the counter top.  He said it was my birthday present that he tried to wrap.  (It looked pretty I was wondering what in the world could be in it.) Funny.

I could cry right now thinking about this.  A good, sweet cry.  Sentimental.


This gift. Perfect.

That this boy went and bought with his own money.  Generous.

To an antique store that he had been in with me...and returned back to my favorite booth in the place. Memories.

And he picked this out for me. Thoughtful.

He gets me. Connection.

And for a second, I see a bit of my soul in his.  Bonded.


So very thankful.


  1. He is going to make one girl very happy someday. What a great gift!

  2. Wow. You'd better screen the girls through your taste along with the rest of the...I'm assuming...huge list of requirements. Wow.