Monday, August 22, 2011

Get Me Outta Here!

Not the real kid

Today was the first day of school and my day off at Magpies so I promised my teacher/friends that I would come help out with kindergarten lunch.  By the time I got there at noon, the teachers and kids seemed to be handling the first day pretty well.

Except one little boy...who could be heard crying from 2 rooms away.  Apparently he had been crying all and on...louder and softer....but never stopping completely.  I promised him I would find a sticker if he would quit crying and that worked for a few minutes.  But then he cranked back up.

Twenty minutes later in the cafeteria....I am helping him through the line...he's crying the whole time.  Ignoring, ignoring, ignoring....just going through the motions of getting his lunch and walking to his table....showing him where to sit.  Then I move on to help others.  Happy others.

While still crying at the lunch table, I went up to him again and tried to console him.  Everyone else who had handled him was pretty frazzled by now....including me and I had only been there 30 minutes.

Me:  You need to eat or you're going to be so hungry.

Him:  waaaaaa......I'm not hungry..........waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Me:  You really need to stop crying.  The day will be over soon.

Him:  waaaaaa......Call my mom.....tell her I'm bad......             I don't care.....            tell her anything........       waaaaa.........                                just get me outta here!            waaaaaaaa

Okay...I'm not laughing about his crying ....but you have to admit that's pretty funny.  Tell her I'm bad...I don't care....

And just so you know, back in the classroom after lunch I actually saw him not crying.  Of course, I got to leave so not sure how long he stayed that way.

Yes, I miss that stuff. 

But walking out to my car in the most dreadful heat permeating off the cement...sweat rolling down my face and neck...I smiled to think I didn't have to do car duty ever again. 


  1. I think that kiddo was in my little ones class...I heard all about the boy who wouldn't stop crying and cried the entire day...poor thing. When I asked if hearing him cry made him sad, he replied, "NO WAY.....I LOVE KINDERGARTEN AND MY TEACHER!!!"....great answer!!!

  2. Poor little fella. I hope day 2 was better. I think he is really smart to think of having his mom told he was bad! I think that might have been me the first day of kindergarten!

  3. It's better to be wanted for murder than not wanted at all. I'm so happy that you got the "best" of both worlds that day; got to feel the part of you that WON'T miss it because I know this has been hard on you. How much has it cost you so far? How 'bout some pics of new pretties in your house...