Monday, August 22, 2011


This is Will's last week at home before returning to Stephen F. Austin University on Saturday.

Me:  Will, name 3 of your favorite things I cook and I'll cook this week.

Will:  I can't remember anything you cook.

Sadly, he's not being sarcastic.  My cooking mojo has been off for years....since the youngest hit highschool and everyone was in and out but never in at the same time for dinner.  And I was always, always trying to cut out carbs or sugars or basically anything that tasted good.  It just became too easy to eat out or bring home something.  My idea of supper was handing over my debit card.

In my defense, Chuck grills on Sundays and I do cook maybe once or twice a week.  More like once. 

But I do love to cook.  And I do love looking at new recipes.  Especially on Pinterest.  So maybe I'll get back in to it this year. 



  1. Couldn't help laughing out loud at his answer.. It's so true lol. But then again, I haven't lived at home in over 5 years now.

  2. LOL! I asked Miranda (the daughter who is leaving for culinary school) to cook our favorites before she leaves next Monday!

  3. I still have a recipe for a mean Chicken Lasagna you gave me.

  4. So happy to hear this!!!! I'm going to copy it and send it to Paul. There is an expiration date on enjoying cooking. Mine was over ten years ago. Paul would not be able to come up with 3 either. Ya know, after 30 years, it's just not "fun" anymore-like laundry-or anything you are required to do that's not having fun. When I psych myself out, I can get into cooking for a dinner party with lots of lead time but that's about it. The Chicken Lasagna with bacon in it? I lost my copy years ago-I need it again!!! When do you start your talk show?????