Monday, April 12, 2010

What'd I just say?

Today.....after witnessing the same kid bulldoze over another kid twice. And by bulldoze, I mean he grabbed her and pushed her out of his way because he thought she was trying to cut in line.

Me: G, come here.

Him: What?

Me: G, you're very tall and much bigger than K. so you need to be more careful.

Him: But she was trying to cut.

Me: Then you say, "Please don't cut" can't just shove her.

Him: .............(starting to stare at something besides me)

Me: You need to calm down and keep your hands and feet to you don't keep hurting your friends.

Him:.....................(staring off right past my face)

Me: Do you understand?

Him:.........(barely nods his head)

Me: What'd I just say?

Him: You said TO STOP IT.

Uh, not exactly, but I think he summed it up. And something tells me, he gets the lecture a lot.

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