Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Across the pond....

Jordan's sweet, talented friend and wedding photographer just sent me a link to a blog where some of Jordan's wedding pictures are featured....well, it's really Caroline's work...but Jordan and Chris' wedding was the location. This blog is a UK blog...and somehow that just seems a little unreal....all the way across the pond, as they say.

The months leading up to Jordan's wedding, I spent countless hours pouring over wedding blogs. One thing I know now. No matter how great the wedding, you need a great photographer to grab it in a photograph. Especially if you're in the wedding. The day goes by so fast that there is no way you can see it all....much less be in every corner at every moment. Future brides out there....put a chunk of your budget towards the photographer.

Caroline has plans to feature her work from Jordan's wedding on a couple of more if that happens, I will link them on here.

Another thing I now know........somebody needs to do a Mother of the Bride blog. Many of those countless hours I spent looking at wedding blogs were looking for what mothers of the brides were wearing....and those pictures are nowhere to be found. Occasionally, there would be a glimpse of a mother in the background of a picture......but I needed some serious help and it was not out there. If you google "mother of the bride dresses" you get a couple of hundred websites selling hideous pink dresses modeled by MeeMaw. There's a market out there not being targeted....just saying.


  1. You could start your own Mother of the Bride forum website. That way those that have already been there done that could mentor the newbies!!

  2. I love your idea of Mother of the Bride blog. You are so right - I found those sites with mob dresses but not much real help.