Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Friday is always good for those of us who work a 5 day week. But it's the best when it's Good Friday......and we have the day off. This should really be called Best Friday.

Good Friday is the day that Jesus died on the cross......3 days before Easter Sunday.....which is the day the tomb was found empty. Good Friday should really be a very sad, somber day if you think about what happened on this day.

But to me Good Friday has always felt like a gift. A day off in the prettiest time of year to just spend however you want to. With your family, by yourself. Sleep in or wake up early. Eat out or eat in. Travel or stay home. Spend it outdoors or in a mall. Easter has a calmness about it...unlike what we've done to Christmas.

Cameron....Easter 1988

And that bunny thing? And those eggs? That just adds to the delight of this most religious holiday. It's springtime.......there is new life. The bunnies are hopping. The eggs are found in abundance. The bees are spreading pollen. The birds are chirping and building nests. The flowers are blooming. New Life.

He died. On that cross. For you. For me. For our sins. So that all who believes in HIM. May have an life.

Try to grasp that. Send up a quick prayer of thanks. Ask HIM for his help in your life.

Eat a chocolate bunny.

Yesterday was the big egg hunt in kindergarten. It was anticipated all week....which just makes it all the more exciting. And it was April Fool's Day. So as I went through the classrooms at the end of the day gathering all the "car riders".....this is what was said in one class....

ME: Happy Easter!

Them: Merry Christmas!

ME: What???

Them: April Fool's!

ME: Got me!

Five and six year olds have a sense of humor. Silly........but still humor.

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