Monday, September 21, 2009

What he loves, what he doesn't

Will came home Saturday as it was his last free weekend until Thanksgiving. He has pledged a fraternity and I guess they own him on the weekends. When he said he was coming home, I kidded him by asking "what if I don't want you to?" He responded, "I'm coming to see the dogs."

And he really was. He loves the dogs. I love the dogs. The dogs are this family's glue.

While home, Will worked on a narrative due in his English class.....on his laptop at the dining room table with one dog on his lap and two at his feet. He told me he loves writing. He said it's so much better in college. They can even use cuss words. Freedom.

Will's professor was a screen writer in L.A. for over 20 years as well as a published author. I asked why he was at Stephen F. Austin now (thinking why would one leave a screenwriting career in LA for the small town of Nacogdoches) and Will said he is getter another degree....and teaching.

So he loves writing.

Will also shared something he doesn't like so far. Apparently "everyone there" is homophobic and uses the N word. Really, I ask? Everyone? After a little discussion we whittled that number down but it still seemed like a lot of people to him.

I explained that he is coming from a huge metropolitan area going into a small East Texas town and there are cultural differences to be expected. He says it's offensive to him. Wow. I was not prepared for this.

So he doesn't like that part.

I told him what I tell the kindergarteners. Do not hang around people that don't act nice.

What should I have said?


  1. Sometimes the best advice is the stuff we were told in Kindergarten.

  2. What a good guy he is. Your advice, as usual, is top notch. I'm going to go pass it on to Maddie.

  3. You did good. Maybe you can tell him you are proud of him and that perhaps he can be an example to others.