Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to spend a million dollars in one night.....

Last night was the Senior Prom........Will's group had 17 dressed up kids. The odd number is because 1 girl had no date. I don't even really know this girl, but I love that she has enough self esteem to get the dress and go it alone....with 8 couples in a limo. And I love that the kids included her. Actually, most of these couples are only good friends. Will's date is a friend and I believe that what they have in common is their silliness. Or she is his side-kick. She laughed at everything he did.....which just fed him to do more. There was contant laughing and goofing off, making it very hard to get a good picture.

Can you spot Will? He's the only guy in a white tux.

One last picture in the limo. It made me a little nervous that Will was sitting by a car door. If you recall, he jumped out of a moving car in 10th grade.....for a laugh. But I can report that he is safely home in bed today.

This is the limo driver. It's a she. This is right before take-off and she is telling them she is going to be "their step mama for the night.........or their soul sister....whatever you want to call me, but here's the rules........." I couldn't really hear what all she was saying but I did catch her saying "and I know you all acting goody-goody right now in front of your parents, but as soon as we drive away you gonna..........."

Ha. Does she really think these kids are going to act differently when the parents aren't standing around?

Uh, yeah. Like 180' turnaround. You know how I know? Because I was a teenager once.


  1. I bet that we would be best pals if I lived in Texas. I almost packed up and moved there once. After my divorce, I was convinced Texas was the place for me. I did research, had a job lined up, and had my heart set on finding a cute cowboy. Oh, the road not taken...
    What a cute story about prom and cute pix too. Just imagine all of the stories that limo driver could tell. Wonder if she has a blog, eh?

  2. Will looked great! Love the picture. So glad prom is a memory in my children's minds, too. Glad he made it home safely. Now just get through graduation!!

  3. mizjuney, thank you for your wonderful comment back to me! I just hope my blog will inspire you too. If you know how to talk direct to me and want me to help you with photography questions I'd love to help or I guess you could ask and I could blog about it. What a novel idea ;}! How fun to have a great group of kids go to prom together. My oldest decided against spending the money and she and her boyfriend opted out. My youngest won't! She will be one of those girls who will go with or without a date. Waiting anxiously for a new installment. No pressure though :)!