Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gosh, I wish you could really come on in.....

It's Saturday morning.....but I am just now taking photos for the Tour of Homes hosted by Kelly.
This week is Living Rooms. I had to do a little straightening and such....and it wasn't going to happen on a Friday after work. Love the kids, but they wear me out. I am going to take you around the room in photos. Hope no one gets dizzy.

This room is very square and it's hard to capture a photo of it in its entirety....but here are a couple of shots taken that somewhat encompass the whole room.

Now some views going around the room....

Facing the black box that was Chuck's 50th birthday present a couple of years ago. I agreed to having it hung over the fireplace as it makes furniture arranging so much easier. The cabinet to the left of the fireplace houses all the electronics. The vases on the mantel are Target....from the import collection. This fireplace opens on the other side to the kitchen. We watch peoples' legs go by in that screen.

This chair and pillow represent my favorite colors. In fact, that pillow is made from my dream rug. But I have to wait until the nursing home for that rug because I will always have dogs and my dogs love to potty on rugs. They are house broken....but lay a rug down....and they christen it with their golden rain. I have no rugs.

This is the back wall of the living room with 3 large windows. This curtain rod came out of the wall after Hurrican Ike....I guess because we closed the curtains and then reopened them? The curtains used to hang at the wood blind level....where the arches began. Anyway, I had to move the rod up to the top of the ceiling and add length to the curtain. I actually like them better now. That cloud had a silver lining.

Now we are in the left corner heading to the wall opposite of the tv.

This wall color is Sherwin Williams Camelback. Great warm khaki color. Works well with reds and greens.....and my brick. This table was purchased when The Great Indoors was closing. It's from Indonesia and was dirt cheap. I painted the top black and Chuck made a shelf for the lay across 2 bars that were already there. I put an antique copper window box in the bottom for magazines. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will see the verdi gris patina on the copper. This box used to be outside but one day while staring at it, I decided it was meant to be an inside box. So I repotted the plants elsewhere, dumped the dirt, gave it a bath and brought it in.

Sofa at an angle. Drives my engineer husband nuts. But if he waits a few weeks, I will rearrange again. The green cabinet behind the sofa was a junk piece left in a neighbor's garage when they moved into their house. She was going to throw it away. I rescued it and painted it green and distressed it. This piece has been in every room .....very versatile. Great storage.

Looking towards the front door.....

Coming back around, the dining room is in the background.

And back to where we started.

Just a few close-ups now.......

When we bricked our backsplash in the kitchen, we loved the look so much, that a couple of years later, we had this wall bricked also. This cabinet is the bottom half of our old tv armoire.

This round table was given to me from my sister who had gotten it from her inlaws. It was a kitchen table. They had glass cut for it and that makes it so liveable. I have probably had 10 different table cloths and toppers on this thing in 23 years. I place photos under the of my favorite places in the whole room. Target lamp.
I decorated on a dime way before there was a show on HGTV called that. I married a hard working boy who has never understood my addiction to pretty, shiny things. So I have learned to find those things at Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx and Marshall's. It can be done.
My dream rug.........I will settle for the pillow for now. As I said before, if you were to ask me what my favorite color was......I would say colors....with an s.
And I would point to this pillow.
Thanks for stopping by. If you have way more time on your hands than you know what to do with (hahaha) go to Kelly's and look through a couple of hundred more living rooms.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas out there.


  1. I love your colors! They are very similar to our's. I love your green cupboard. Someone just gave us a cupboard and I have been debating what color to paint it. Was it hard?!

    Kindergarteners do wear you out! I had to move to older kiddoes for that very reason. :) Thanks for sharing your room.

  2. Love your place! It looks so inviting. I really like brick too. It turned out great!

  3. Love the book shelves and the curtains look great up that high, you can still see the uniqueness of the beautiful windows! Looks so inviting!! Thanks for letting me look in!

  4. You have a warm, inviting home - it's beautiful! Thanks for the tour!

  5. Hello! Stopping over from Kelly's. I'm so glad you joined the party - your home is gorgeous!

  6. Just stopping in from Kelly's Tours...

    Gosh, I wish I could really come in, too!!

    Your home is beautiful. We are about the same age...which is apparent with the things that we have accumulated over the years.

    I am reassessing some of my accessories and tucking some into a foyer dresser to retrieve again at a later time. I love textures and layering colors, as well as bargain hunting. I make my own curtains and pillow covers and our home is full of antiques - most of them being those that my husband has refinished!

    I'm looking at some wall colors to "cozy up" a couple of rooms. Your home gave me a couple of ideas!

    Thank you so much for allowing us into your home. It is so warm and inviting, which is what I strive for in my home. What a blessing!

    (By the way...I also am an instructional assistant in an elementary school and work with all ages. Sometimes the creative juices are dried up upon getting home in the afternoon - yes?)

    Thanks, again!!

  7. Love your room:) I also shop those same places as I too have an engineer husband and worked for a school system for 20+ years before we moved in Dec. Still haven't decorated this new house. Thanks for sharing.

  8. There are so many things I love about this room! Love the exposed brick and the bookshelves. And the curtains are beautiful!

  9. Just like last week, yours is one of my favorites this week!
    Love it!

    Thanks! =)

  10. Stopping over form Kelly's blog and I love love love your home! Also your love youe sense of humor and style of writing! ;) One of my favorite posts this week!!

  11. love green cabinet, fabric on round table, built in shelves, and brick wall

  12. Your living room is so beautiful. Hope you had an amazing mothers day!!

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