Friday, September 12, 2008

Will's Legacy to CyWoods....

Will had a major project due this week in English. The project was to determine the legacy he was leaving to CyWoods Highschool. Then he had to write a paper about it, make a model to represent it, find a quote on the subject and reflect on 3 of his major influences. By the time he approached me on Sunday afternoon for some help, he had already written the paper, found the quote, written about his 3 influences and sketched off what he wanted the model to look like. Here is the finished product.

"The legacy I am leaving is beauty through my photography"
- Will Hackney -

Click on the picture to enlarge.

A hot chocolate tin can was spray painted black. Then scrap book paper was used to make the roll of film and decorate the can. Will used 3 of his favorite photos on one side and the other side featured his 3 major influences. The quote and his legacy had to appear somewhere on the they are on the can. Turned out pretty darn good. Take a look at all those square holes cut out of the "film".....Will did every single one of them. Chuck spray painted. I cut. Will printed out everything and glued. I only yelled and stormed out once during the whole project. I mean, I was working with an engineer and a teenager......I think one time is almost saintly.


  1. That is so impressive. His photography is really good. I guess he got your creativeness huh? Really nice job with that and very creative.

  2. That totally rocks! That looks like an amazing project for photography students! Hopefully the weather will improve for you all!