Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Survivor's Guilt....

Okay, one thing I didn't realize when I posted last was how many millions in the area are still out of electricity. I mean, I was listening to the news but Houston is so huge, that I assumed those without power were far away from me. But I got out today and drove to a nearby Target and Home Depot and the reality hit me. Almost every traffic light is still out and trees are down everywhere. As I was leaving Target this evening it was already dark. That is when I could really tell how many people in my own area are still without power. Schools are closed until Monday...and that could still be extended.

I was fortunate to get my power back fairly soon after the storm. CenterPoint is saying that 75% of their customers should have power back by Tuesday. Tuesday? That will be 11 days after the storm. And that means 25% will still be without it.

So I have a small degree of survivor's guilt. I am having a week off from school, working on my ATC's for Silver Bella, and enjoying all the comforts that electricity provides us. While others are without food, water and a/c.

To punish myself and rid me of some of the guilt, I am going in tomorrow to have the second half of the root know the root canal that was done in June already but had to be REDONE? I will be suffering tomorrow.

And I might add that I have been without my husband since last Friday at 7:00 am. He has come home for about 5 hours each day to sleep.....and then he's gone again. As a CenterPoint employee and assigned to the Emergency Plan Board, he has to be on call through all of this. So I can't really complain.....really.

If there is a silver lining in this cloud, it's that the weather has been absolutely beautiful. In the 70's and low 80's and NO humidity. Emphasis on the NO HUMIDITY. God closed a door but opened a window. He's good like that.

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  1. So glad you are ok and have your power! I can totally understand the guilt you might be feeling. It's only natural. I feel awful for what the hurriane has done to the people of southern Texas. My parents surived hurricane Ivan and it was a scarey time.
    Sidenote! I look forward to meeting you at Silver Bella! You will have the time of your life!! Smiles, Jenn