Monday, September 1, 2008

Random things....

This is Will on his first day of school.....his senior year. He wouldn't stand still or pose. This is what a brand new pair of $70 jeans look like. I know. I could have run a pair through the paper shredder if I had known that was the look he wanted. I sound "old" don't I?

This is what I did this morning. I'm jumping the gun on Autumn......but I thought I might as well get out a few pumpkins because it will be here before you know it...and I was doing a little dusting. Emphasis on a "little".....I dusted one table then I got distracted and started decorating for fall.

Chuck hasn't taken his eyes off of the Weather Channel....except for the 2 minutes it took him to get my fall box down from the upstairs closet. The Weather Channel......he sounds "old" doesn't he?

This is what $2,700.00 worth of damage looks like. The whole car is only valued at $3,000.00. Do I smell SCAM? We paid the $1,000.00 deductible and Will has wheels again. Of course, I'm thankful he wasn't harmed nor were the other couple.....but really, does that look like $2700?

One last thought....Gustav missed us but hit others. So to the others, I hope you are safe and the damage to your possessions are minimal.

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  1. Will's smiling for a picture without being provoked or attacked by me? I'm amazed.