Sunday, March 2, 2008

time is flying by........

It's been 2 weeks or more since I have sat down long enough to blog. I always find time to check my email and read a few blogs but it takes alot more time to actually write on my own blog. First, I have to remember what happened, then turn the mundaneness of it into something worthy of writing about. Not so easy.

Jordan is preparing for her big move. Her belongings are being put on a truck this Tuesday and will arrive in Phoenix between March 15 - 17. It boggles my mind to even think about how all that works. Apparently there are lots of moving companies that do just that. Pick up things along the way and drop them off further down the road. And the price quoted us was within dollars of the cost it was going to cost us to rent a U-Haul and pack it ourselves. Sounds great........let's just hope her stuff actually gets there in that 3 day period.

Chuck and Kim (brother-in-law) will be driving Jordan's car to Phoenix along with the cat. Just picture the two of them getting out at the motel with their kitty kat! heehee...

Catha, Will and I will fly to Phoenix on the first day of our Spring Break,Saturday, March a car, check into the up with Jordan and wait for the guys to arrive via the car. Then the vacation starts. Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Sedona and back to Phoenix before flying back to Houston on Friday.

Cameron's Spring Break is the week before and she is planning a road trip to Destin. Cameron, if you are reading better take sunscreen and keep your phone charged. Mama, if you are reading this....I am paying for my raising.

The rodeo is going on and we have tickets to Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts, compliments of one of Chuck's vendors. I haven't been to the rodeo in several years so I am looking forward to seeing the good looking cowboys...I mean good looking cows.

Last Saturday, we went to Huntsville to watch Mark and Jack (my nephews) in the play, "By the Skin of Our Teeth." This is one of the weirdest plays ever written. No offense to anyone, but I think most would agree. Jordan actually performed in the same play when she was in 9th grade. So I can say I at least gave it another chance. Any one who knows me, knows that I do not have the right kind of attention span for plays. It is very, very hard for me to sit still and pay attention that long. But having a couple of nephews in the play certainly helped. The acting was great and the set was beautiful. Below is a photo taken back stage after the play.

Mark, Kim, Jack....

And here is their director....Texas Big Hair...with the earrings to scale.(Just an observation)

The older we get, the faster time goes.

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