Thursday, March 6, 2008

The RoDeO....

We went to the rodeo on Monday night....and a good time was had by all. We rode the metro up there and it was smooth sailing. We stepped up to the very short line at the ticket window, bought our bus tickets and got on the bus. Getting home was a different story.... an hour wait in freezing, cold wind at midnight....dreading how tired I would be the next day. Here we are on the bus....

Jordan and her good friend, Jenna

Will and his friend, Sarah who is behind the seat.

Cameron....who drove in for the evening from A&M to see us...I mean, see Tim McGraw.

We all got something to eat, then Cameron and I stayed behind to walk through the Livestock Show while the others headed over to the Rodeo. We saw baby pigs being born (the mama sow's birthing end was strategically placed away from the crowd), baby goats and huge Brahma bulls. Cameron even got to walk with a cow for a few short steps.

Jenna and Jordan having fun being 22!

The headliner for the evening was Tim McGraw. He put on a wonderful show. Thank goodness for the big screens as he was just a speck on the dirt from our seats.

And finally, we braved the cold wind to get the traditional funnel cake before leaving the RoDeO, 2008.

Our Texas Angels......

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