Friday, November 23, 2007

The Boys of Thanksgiving

I wanted to post the photos of the boys of Thanksgiving. Click on photo to get a better view as a couple of the photos were taken in very low lighting. They are:

Chuck, my husband and father of my children...a very sweet, low-key guy.

Kim, my brother-in-law, husband to my sister and father to my nephews...also a very kind, low-key guy.

Jack, my oldest nephew, Catha's son...a very talented photographer and eloquent speaker.

Mark, my youngest nephew, Catha's son...the actor, dancer, singer.

Will, my youngest child, only son, and an almost clone of Catha's boys....I have always considered Will a "direct hit from God."

Uno, the newest canine in the family, belongs to Mark. Sorry we called you a "she" all day long but all we have are girl dogs.

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