Friday, November 23, 2007

Birth Week

Last Friday morning I arrived at work right on time.....meaning 1 minute until 8:00 am. I rushed to my workroom to put away my purse as I needed to get into the cafeteria for my early morning duty. While passing through a teacher's room, she called me over to look at an email....then SuRpRiSe!!!! The whole team was in the next room with a wonderful birthday breakfast and gifts and song! The Happy Birthday song, of course. They had even asked another staff member to take over my duty so I could stay and be the Guest of Honor at my party. What a great way to start out my Birth Week. Tomorrow is the big one. So today is the last day of my 40's.

I have really loved my 40's. I would have loved them more if I had been a bit smaller and exercised more. I would have loved them more if I had not experienced all those pesky female problems in the early 40's. I would have loved them more if I had not had to witness my sweet cousin die a horrible death from pancreatic cancer.

But I really did love them. We moved to the other side of town almost 9 years ago and I have loved making a new life and new friends and decorating a new (new to me) house. I have watched my daughters go from pre-teens into wonderful, beautiful young adults. I have watched my little boy grow to 6 feet tall with a much deeper voice than I could have ever imagined. I have also become very much okay with who I am...realizing that I could not be all things to all people at all times and that is okay. I have learned to turn to God and to give it up to him. I have almost learned to keep my mouth closed when my opinion is really not wanted. And I have witnessed the extreme speed of time.

So as I enter my 50's tomorrow, I will pray for continued health, continued blessings and for time to slow down just a bit.

One last picture of me in my 40's! This was taken and Cameron.

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