Tuesday, April 23, 2013


...aren't just for sleeping.

I love my sleep.  I love my bed.  I love my sleep and bed so much that I get up most mornings thinking about getting my pajamas back on as soon as I get home for the day.  And that is just what I do...most days.

Chuck and I are in a small group from our church that meets on Wednesday evenings.  This is the modern day's Sunday School.  In so many ways, it's way better than going to Sunday School on Sunday mornings right before church. Like the home setting, the ability to fellowship and study together in a less rushed atmosphere.  The desserts.  Sometimes, like for convenience, it's not.  Because meeting during the middle of the week after a long day at work, it can be hard to get back out.  But we do our best to be there weekly.

And here, I must have you confused.  Why am I talking about my small group when I opened this with loving my pajamas?

Because several weeks ago, in our small group, the meeting began with an Ice Breaker question.

Are you spontaneous or a planner? 
The leader when on to clarify it by saying "like if someone called you on a Friday evening to see if you wanted to go out to eat or see a movie...would you be spontaneous and go or would you need more time to plan something like this?"
We went around the room, one at time, giving our answer.  In most cases, one spouse was more spontaneous, one more the planner.  God has a great sense of humor when it comes to pairing us with our spouse, doesn't He?
So my answer was: I can be very spontaneous....as long as you catch me before I have my pajamas on.  Chuck and I both put on our pajamas as soon as we get home.  There are times...like on a Friday night that I want to go out to eat but by the time I get home Chuck already has on his pajamas.  He is always willing to change back in to his clothes... but that's just what we do...get our pjs on.  In fact, he even goes down to the mailbox in his bare feet and pajamas.  The neighbors are used to this.
This got a chuckle and that was that. 
Until last Wednesday evening.
It was our turn to host the group and I was busy in the kitchen with last minute preparations.  Chuck answered the door when we heard the doorbell. 
I heard this huge laugh.
Then it got louder...
And louder....like lots of people laughing. 
But I only heard the doorbell ring once.
So I stop what I'm doing and head towards the entryway.
And I am greeted with 12 people in their PAJAMAS!
Yep.  That's the small group we're in.
Apparently this was planned and many, many clandestine emails were sent around without our knowledge and they pulled it off! 
Chuck and I were told to go get our pajamas on and we did as told.
Group shot taken by a camera on a timer....we were told to yawn, act sleepy, stretch....
As you can see, there are some rule followers in the group.  Like me, yawning and stretching. 

If I spent hours and hours thinking of how these people could show me they really loved me....I could never come up with a better way.

And comedic relief is always a good thing when you're discussing deep matters.
This group has been a God send.  Literally. 


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  2. And we love you and Chuck too! I love our small group!!