Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby, Bike and Bark

It's been about a month since I've posted on this blog...and by now I'm sure I only have one reader left. The one reader I'm sure about is Chuck and he only reads it when I say, "I did a blog post today."

It's been a a busy few weeks with 2 trips to Scottsdale to see our baby...the first one for 4 days when he was born and the second trip was 2 weeks later to love on him, help his Mama pack for their move and get her out of the house each day.

We spent a weekend at my sister and brother-in-law's place in the country Easter weekend...

Where Harry chased Will on a 4 wheeler...for hours.

And Harry ran and ran and was chased by the 2 farm dogs. 
For hours.
And we relaxed around a fire pit.  Under the Texas sky. 
In total silence.

We did a quick trip to Nacogdoches to watch Will in a play and realized the next time we head that way will be for his graduation (where did that 4 years go?). 

We've been enjoying our long Springtime weather on the back porch.
Harry has me in lock down mode.  That's my foot he's holding down with his big paws.
And then this past weekend, we headed to Austin to watch Cameron cross the finish line for the BP MS 150...her 4th time! In between weekends, the weeks fly by with work and chores and Duck Dynasty marathons at night.  Each day is begun and ended with loving on the dogs...especially he is demanding of his love by nudging us with his snout. 

So here is a post in pictures...

BABY...First things first, Liam.  I have been promised at least one picture a day from his mama and he is changing so quickly.  We will see him soon as they are coming in for Will's graduation.  I'm sure I won't get to hold him much as he will be surrounded by lots of family members who haven't met him yet.  I may have to sneak in during the night to hold him. 

 Liam, you have a lot of work to do. 
You need to eat and sleep and grow so you can
 catch up with those long feet of yours.
(Okay, part of this is the angle but he does have really long feet...and toes.)

 I cannot even begin to imagine the tall boy he will be one day
but I know he will be very, very his Daddy.
Look at that long leg sticking out over the bouncer.

One evening while I was there, I had been holding a very fussy Liam.  Finally, after about 15 minutes of trying all of my tricks, I handed him over to his mama and he got very calm and locked eyes with her.  It was the sweetest moment.  He just stared and stared at her. It was pure love.

Real life is in the background as we had been packing boxes.  And Mia (the dog) is always nearby her boy.

 I saw a lot of Liam like this. 
We spent our days getting out and about.
  He loves his car seat.

I visited Liam when he was 2 1/2 to 3 weeks old.  He was just starting to open his eyes for longer periods of time.  In this picture above he is one month old...taken at his one month check up.  
Someone woke up! I think he likes tearing paper.
My friend Kathy from Cypress who lives in London, sent this outfit to Liam.  It came all the way from London and it says Daddy Mummy Me above the 3 bears. 
I love it. 
I love him.
BIKE...and Bark Next up is the BP MS150 Bike Ride for a cure for MS.  Cameron finished her 4th year of riding in this. She amazes me with her determination.  I can think of a thousand excuses to not exercise and she makes it happen. I need whatever it is she has. 
We headed over to Austin yesterday to watch her cross the finish line.  We got there about an hour and a half before she finished so we had plenty of time to set up our spot, watch the crowds, take lots of pictures and video and wait to see her come around the big curve. 
We decided to take Harry and his new collar.  Harry loves the outdoors and walks... only he doesn't get many walks.  Why?  Because if he sees another dog he goes ape poop crazy.  Like a broncin' bull coming out of the gate with a cowboy on his back.  Like a black bear ready to pounce his next meal. Like pull my shoulder out of its socket and wrap the leash around my legs and I am yanking his leash and trying to stay upright.  Not a good look on me or him.
His new collar is supposed to keep him from pulling so we thought we would give it a try. 

Just for precaution, Harry has on his pull collar, a choke collar, his regular collar and his shock collar.  Nothing... I mean..NOTHING stops him if he sees another dog.

The gray collar pulls his snout down if he pulls on his leash.  Does anyone really think that stopped him from pulling?  He totally ignored the millions of people...even let them pet him... but let one little Chihuahua walk by and he pulled the you know what out of that collar.  Snout down and all.  It's a very embarrassing, spastic, barking and pulling act.  Think Harlem Shake on steroids.

We must find time in our busy life to get this dog some training.

In the time waiting, I took lots of pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  Getting ready for that one girl to come around this curve. 

Flags at half mast.
Security in full force.

Proud daddy waiting.

Toddler dancing.

Boy climbing.

This is the official Finish Line. 

And then the bike riders come around this corner.

Then they slow it down to come to a full stop.

One can get very caught up in the excitement
 of the riders crossing the finish line...but this sign is what it's all about. 

The riders finish in groups.

 They finish in crazy helmets.

They finish alone.

They finish in tutus.
Our girl texts us that she was about 10 minutes out because they had been stopped for traffic.  She would be wearing a red cape.  Chuck, who had been videoing for about 30 minutes (don't ask why) and I, who had been snapping away at strangers for the last hour, prepared for our girl in the red cape to come around that corner.
And then.....
Chuck said the video was he fast and furiously
 started deleting footage of perfect strangers.
And me?
My camera wouldn't work.
Wouldn't click.  Would NOT click.
 I rush over to my camera bag...
to get the extra battery....
which of course, is. 
Because we pack everything but the kitchen sink....and the extra battery.
And so I give you one very crummy picture taken with my cell phone. 
But it's of one very determined, beautiful inside and out, girl.

Did he pull?

Only every time he saw a dog. 
 Do you see the indention on his snout? 
Baby, Bike and Bark. 
Keeping us Busy.


  1. Finally you're back!!!!! I've been sitting at my computer waiting all this time and here I see you 20 minutes after you posted! First, how sweet that Chuck reads your blog; I know your kids do too. Paul saw mine when our attorney pulled it up on his desktop one time because HE was interested in seeing it. Second, that baby IS growing fast and your baby is GRADUATING???? I think you will love watching how much everyone is thrilled with meeting Liam and I'm sure they will be respectful (scared) of your need to spend time with him. Third, atta girl Cameron. How proud of all your kids you should be. The camera/battery, of course, same here. I'm so glad you're back.

  2. It all looks wonderful! Is that a "gentle lead" collar? They worked on Charley. I always used it on him... he didn't like it (it embarrassed him). Liam is precious!!! My Ashley had the very same bouncer... she slept in it for at least 6 months! She's almost 17 months now! It goes soooo quickly!

  3. I read! And I've been checking since Liam was born for updates. A lot. Glad you are back! Baby - super adorable; Boy - also adorable and so grown up; Bike rider - wow, I could never do that, awesome; Barker - makes me laugh. Keep up the writing!

  4. I'm thinking it must be a special kind of torture to have that gorgeous baby living in a different state. Jim's mother has MS. Cameron rocks!