Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hairy Harry Pawter

It was a year ago on January 11 that we brought Harry Pawter home to live with us. Only because of his sweet brown eyes that look directly in to our souls have we kept him.
We are afraid to add up the cost of the destruction he has caused.
Pet beds, plants, mail, patio furniture, the legs on the kitchen chairs, a bar stool,  a Bible, beach towels, kitchen towels....the list goes on and on.
Seen a mess like this a time or two.
This basket was Dixie's bed.  Was.
Came home to this several times.
There is a paper mache letter H in the bed with him....well, what's left of it...
that Jordan made for me.  It was on the window sill in our utility room. 
I'm not sure where the patience and love for him came from.  All I know is that within one week of having him, Chuck and I were in love with him. 

Maybe it's the increased activity level.
Maybe it's because he's so smart.
Maybe it's because he lets us dress him up.
Maybe it's because he nudges his way and pushes with his snout
 until we're forced to hold him like a baby.
Maybe it's because he makes us laugh with his cute and klutzy ways.
Maybe it's that he has gotten us ready for grandchildren.
Pure adoration.
It was an extremely impulsive reaction to an email, pleading for someone to take this dog or he would have to be put down, a year ago.  I felt sick to my stomach the first week.  We were exhausted and put out for the first few months with the destruction he caused. 
But what a nice surprise this turned out to be.
Happy One Year to Us.
(I would mention that he is so good these days and rarely chews something up anymore
 but that would jinx it so I'm not mentioning it.)


  1. I'd like to think your grandkids will be much less destructive...

    He's grown on me. VERY slowly. But I will admit that he has.

  2. Haha.. The only reason he doesn't chew up anything anymore is because there's nothing left in the kitchen anymore for him to destroy lol. I mean, unless you count a granite countertop and metal bar stools, and if he gets either of those, frankly, I'll be impressed.

  3. I am officially in love with him too. I imagine it took a lot of strength (and wine) to get through that first year!

  4. What a blessing y'all have been for him and visa versa!!! Love everywhere!!!!

  5. Haven't met Harry yet,,,,,, but I already LOVE him!!! He is so precious!