Monday, January 14, 2013

Eating Dust Week One

Our bathroom remodeling project started last Monday.  I'm changing the name from Project No Control to Eating Dust. One week later there has been quite a bit of progress.  If I had to sum it up in one word it would be dust. My eyes are full of dust, my sinuses are full of dust and there is grit in my teeth. The bathroom is downstairs and down a short hall...but dust is in and on everything in the entire house. Upstairs, in closets with doors shut and even on the dogs.   I'd have you over for coffee, but you wouldn't like the grit in your mouth.

 Demo Day 1/7/13
(I had done a little demo on the wallpaper
and we had a shutter installed prior to Demo Day)
End of Week One 1/14/13
Some more pictures from this last week...
This is where the old tub was.  When they pulled the tub out,
there was a mound of dirt underneath it. 
 That mound of dirt was an old ant bed. 
 Welcome to Texas.
And hello old NAVY BLUE wallpaper. 
This is the paper that was on the walls when
we bought the house in 1999.  This room was dark, dark, dark
....except for the shiny brass. 

 A moment of silence for the ants. 
 The guy in this picture is the hardest working guy ever. 
 But he says nothing.  Nothing.  I talk to him...he says nothing.
  I ask "do you speak English?"  He looks at me....nothing.
  So I guess that's a no.  Which is "no" in English and Spanish.
  But he says nothing. 
Not even a change in expression. 
Okay...carry on.
 New tub set in concrete.
New tub and surrounding frame with a step up to the tub.
  The tub will be under mounted in a marble slab
and the left edge will now be a bench in the shower.
There have already been a couple of bumps in the road (like they made the step up to the tub 10" and I had to ask them to lower it to 7") and I expect there will be a few more,
 but already I can tell this remodeling is going to be worth it. 
However, I'm not sure we will ever get all of the dust dusted. 


  1. Looks good! I really like the new tile on the shower/walls. I'm claiming a bubble bath on my next visit.

  2. See if it were me, I'd take Mr. Personality's lack of communication as a challenge to just talk to him more.

    It's going to be amazing. We had dust and debris when we ripped out the kitchen ceiling. Everywhere. For several weeks. It's really just now slowed down. It WILL all be worth it though.